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9/13/2016 c24 onur
Chapter was worth the wait. :) Good job as always!
9/10/2016 c23 Izumikii
Aww the relationship between beau and edythe is just so adorable ! I love reading every scene of them together
9/8/2016 c23 Guest
I'm anxious to read the next chapter!
9/8/2016 c23 npdonnelly
Your ability to sound like Stephanie Meyer is uncanny. I see a little bit of you in there sometimes too though. The way you replaced Romeo and Juliet with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea worked perfectly. Anyway, I'm new to Twilight, and being a heterosexual male and a person who likes to relate to the protagonist, I naturally find Beau and Edythe's story more appealing than Bella and Edward's. Life and Death got me started, and like you, I found myself craving the Saga in the gender swapped universe. When I found your fan fic, it was a wish fulfillment for me. I gave it a read and it was so good that I read it ahead of New Moon. This was my first time experiencing this story. THANK YOU! Take the time you need to make the next chapter what you think it needs to be, because this is an intense romantic one. I'm itching to read your version.
8/27/2016 c23 NancyChen
Ah, I see, Charlie would take some time to accept the fact that Edythe was back, for him these things were totally out of blue! Thanks for updating! I'm looking forward to reading next chapter,which is one of my favorite. And may I ask you a question?according to authoritative guide( er, I don't know it's English name, you know,that really thick book?),mate is the most important thing to a vampire, they can never hurt them,when I read life and death, I was thinking that Aro wasn't Sulpicia's real mate,just like Victoria to if she truly loved him,how could she let him be killed?It's seemed impossible for a vampire,or was she crazy about power that much?
8/19/2016 c23 1Shadow of the Dark Flames
Mostly backstory, but I agree that this is quite a good place to fit it in.

Hmm, so that's what happened to Mele. Have you ever seen Code Geass? Reading about the rebel leader, the very first thing that popped into my head was "sounds like Lelouch vi Brittannia".

So, given what you wrote about Mele's tenure, it's sounds like Sulpicia's Guard might actually be MORE powerful than Aro's. All the various Gifts, taken from executed vampires, neutral clans...

Why do I get the distinct impression that Edythe and Beau aren't quite on the same page, relationship-wise? Those two really are quite the comedy act. ;)

Well, looking forward to the next installment! :)
Your Loyal Fan,
Fire's Dark Shadow
8/12/2016 c1 Guest
Cool story do eclipse reimagend
8/10/2016 c23 1olqueen108
Yes! I've been looking forward to your update. I enjoyed the idea of Sil and Ath somehow controlling Jon and Lex; I am wondering if you're going to have that play into the story later. Can't wait till your next update!
8/9/2016 c23 AvidReader
I've got to say, having just found and binge-read your entire New Moon Re-imagined work, I'm probably going to be haunting your profile waiting for updates from here on. This whole thing is really well done, and I can't wait to see the next chapter. Thanks for the work you put into this.
8/9/2016 c23 1Sweetcaramelover
The next chapter is my favorite. Please, not take so long to write, I'm dying to read the next chapter!
8/9/2016 c23 2BeauEdythe
Reunited and it feels so goooooooooooood lol love the chapter I'm excited now that we will finally get some beau and Edythe alone time!
8/9/2016 c23 BingoDango
Great chapter! Really liked getting some of the history of this Volturi
and I can't wait to see Jules and Edythe interact because for some reason I just get the feeling that Jules hates Edythe a little more than Jacob hated Edward.
8/8/2016 c23 1Creative Procrastinator
You know sometimes I'm really embarrassed that I read anything related to twilight but I loved the role reversal so much. It also reminds me of the anime witchcraft works where the male human is protected by the powerful beautiful witch. This story is the perfect mix of the original book mixed in with the needed changes to make it work including building on the lore. I can't wait for the next chapter.
8/8/2016 c23 Debbie Hicks
alien rattlesnake death/ RESURRECTION
Then it was AL OF aLIEN rATTLESNAKES more than DRAINED Aas all of very fr Wy too darn muc many more then it really happened he CHANGE WAS Far too panfully strongest then a more monstrous alien energy was too strongest and I Gripped Archie's own hand channeled my alien powers of the mind the exploding my powers Um so,meone is has a Vice grip so strong but powerdul what is happening to you I Think I have Shield Touch it is Tactic Telepathy I gain this Planet ablity uh oh my throat it'
s Killing me where am I with my best friends I am so thirsty then in horror Screamed in shock my eyes they are RED AS TOMATOS! I Smelt Vulcans time to track them down myself was a Advanced tracker sped from the Husk of te Corpse Vanished with tem onte loose then Attacked by Shield Touch then news reach of my Change ws alien but the bodies wITH tHREE SUDDENLY TOO LATE killed them but Guaeds Risen bitten then suddenly too late Murdered but it was too late I need to hunt then BLACKED OUTSIDE With them but it really happened Freed of bodies Taken but it was as all of them but Taken but it really did change signed names befor hunting was both ten then was caught then it ws no longer then destroyed were more tese ones must live as Cullens then then burst freely but the Bodies with as a;ll three then it was too late Venom was no more then but burst frely Taken from here then suddenly murdered as all of them but were more than as all of Guards then it ws done ten taken the gifts then it really happened to as all of them but suddenly exploding more bitten but lost blood but newest blood ten it really happened had looks of more than as all but it was was too late one of them took HER FROM HER execute her with remains of old ten then Chosen te Version of myself as King With Co-Kin and Co-Queens and more Ruling then more than that was te end of tem but suddenly Marcus with his rebels found guity then Murdred wITH Former rulers destroyed now the New Volturi Empire ten suddenly too late had looks then as all of remain there they too exploding ten it was too late were more than as all of them Volterra was in chaos of their demis with them deathas all newest Guards replaced the old ten suddenlyAro was brought here Aro I am Darius you are guilty of this crime is DEATH By Federation law John yes my lord DESTROY HIM! Then he screamed a horrible one with te rest could be reborn as Shifters followed hen too late ten it was with the remains now burnt to death all of his powers was merged ito my carnivorous self then it came teir reincarnations of as all of the remains then born again in Americ granted new names wer Americans by now aged but as Native Americans then followed us/them now the old ones made room for as all of them it was too late the bodies brought here ten illed then now they recalled last lives they changed their way of life but it really happened burst from here Snapped were more than as all of them.
8/8/2016 c23 1Freckleforce01
Loved this chapter and I can't wait to see Edythe and Jules interact. I sincerely hope you're considering writing an eclipse version. It would be amazing!
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