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for Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds

5/17 c1 2Alexia Colette
I had to quit before but I’m back because I just love Lee. And for the test question, I would say that I’m not helping the turtle because it’s an act of mercy. Turtles need water, but this one is stuck in a desert and will die. So I might as well kill it early and end it’s suffering.
5/12 c51 abuduu
Glad I gave it another shot. Well worth the read. I do hope you update this, it's great!
5/11 c16 abuduu
It's been a week or two since my last review since I rage quitted this. I'm giving it another shot now though. The clone thing still weirds me out but Lee's character is just too good to pass on something menial like that. It's your story and thanks for writing it. I'm sure I can enjoy it even though I won't like all aspects about it. The naruto starwars though, I'm not ever touching that again.
5/3 c15 asd
And this is where I drop this. I really like Lee's character, in this story and in your others but that whole clone thing is just too much for me. First you made her a bit too op. I mean she can revive the dead with no repercussions? She can't die and she can't runout of chakra. A bit too op but I like op and her character makes up for the lack of threat but that whole clone thing? Just no. The very first time you introduced them I just couldn't help but to think they were simply slaves with no choice but to do the task and die afterwards. And then she started making them simply for the purpose of dying in some horrible way under Orochimaru's clinical blade. And then she started making them to annoy people, to help people etc. etc. It was pretty obvious from the start that they were real beings with implanted mission they had to go through with and it was only a matter of time before one of them went rogue. Does lee have no empathy? If there were copies of me dying in droves for menial reasons like feeding an effing snake?! I simply couldn't watch that let alone keep making more of them without a thought. A great character Lee, but those effing clones? They are not the clones of naruto universe but real clones of our universe. Just copies of our self with some brainwashed mission that obviously was going to hell at some point. Murphy's law, hello?! So yea, dropped like a bag of clone kittens in a pool of acid cause I felt like it. They gave great humor at the start, but you went too far
5/1 c15 abuduu
this is entertaining but hard to follow. At one point they are alking to suna, suddenly jiraya is talking to tsunade back at konoha an then he is walking in suna again. I know it's memory but it comes and goes too often too suddenly. Other thing is that there are a lot of filler paragraphs and POV's that I just tend to skip
5/1 c11 abuduu
this chapter is so boring
4/24 c51 3MoBlue
Thank you for writing this. I love how you portray Lee as chaos personified it is very entertaining.
3/10 c51 Guest
hope its not abandon
3/1 c51 15SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Soooooo this story has been a roller coaster. Fun.
I hope you get around to finishing this someday but until then...5 rounds of applause for you!

It really is interesting that the ministry really believes they can impose their adoption on her without her input and when she's already an employed legalized adult in the country she grew up in. They have no legal right over her in this situation. I'd really like to know how she'd get them to realize how they'd abandoned her as a toddler, deserve nothing but her distaste even now(no one'seven apologized for it, just tried to brush over and impose their will/beliefs), and that she would never willingly stay and has no obligation to do so. Also it still wasn't made clear on why she hasn't even tried to remove/void the contract herself with her godly abilities. You only ever said she was hesitant. But never that she even tried. She hasn't even looked at the cup itself to come up with a solution from that.
I mean if this "powerful" item can be confused into making a binding contract with her without her consent, handwriting, magical signature, blood sample, current picture, and with what is effectively her dead name...then by all rights an overpowered God like her should be able to make it cancel the contract prematurely or assign it to someone else. Is that the climax for this bit? She finally says fuck it and levels the school, burns the ministry, voids the contract and robs gringotts and all the muggle fictional movie and book stores she can score before teleporting away?
3/1 c50 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So Ron decided to barely listen and insist on his views being better and for her to "admit" it when it's not even fully understood, explained or factual. Then proceeds to insult her people and culture and falsely accuse them of doing what the English has done(kidnapping) and also failed to do. The information regarding voldy also seemed weirdly repetitive this chapter. Like it was implied to have been explained already, then it was brought up, then it was explained again as if Tom/Ren didn't know and then it was brought up and explained again like new knowledge to him. It was weird.
3/1 c49 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Yeah see Lee should at least know that making nice with people does not mean having to stay with people she doesn't like or allow their manipulations to go on. If anything she could take the opportunity to explore and meet other people not of hogwarts, find more pop culture to assimilate and pop back into konoha at her leisure when classes aren't in session. As the leader of this mission she can now, even more so, do whatever she wants whenever she wants and however she wants so long as she determines that it may fill the mission objective which is primarily to take what info and resources that seem helpful to konoha that she can. And get herself out of that contract to return home permanently.
Also has she taken all of the money from the Potter accounts or no?
3/1 c48 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Voldemort hunting Voldemort? A dark lord turf war with himself? Is fun coming back again? Cuz I vote he brings them in line so that he has a council of himself to rely on and share the paper work with once he's in full control. A whole new way to rely on himself!
3/1 c47 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So I was already confused by Lee's sudden ignorant stupidity over this situation and her lack of understanding when she's usually very intelligent and can easily comprehend these and other sorts of things when it's explained to her and she listens. Especially from Minato. Which happened. He explained more than once and so did several others and even in different ways and yet...somehow she still lacks any understanding at all? Even when she knew that she herself was thinking of doing something similar and pointing out how contradictory the whole thing was as a punishment when it was Sakumo. But now...suddenly she takes the blame to save him and its fine? Irony? Even when people are there to do what they couldn’t or wouldn't for Sakumo and she just spits on it. Disregards it to the point where she just jumps right into doing the very thing they were telling her they wanted to avoid for her. Warning her against. That right there makes no logical sense and pisses me off. She knew they wouldn't like it. Hell, she didn't like it! And the deal she made wasn't even a good one! Like at all. Everything was just to Danzo's convenience which further pisses me off since I hate that guy and over powered god Lee doesn't even see the point in avoiding being his tool when she doesn't have to be? For what? Because she's bothered by people protesting something that is wrong? Because she's worried that these powerful people with their own talents and money and influence will get into a fight over their beliefs (something they do regularly) or might spend a brief time in jail maybe? NONE of her so called concerns are valid or even makes sense when the Hokage himself implied he was cool with it and will fix what he can AFTER the protests happen as a convenient excuse.
Sorry I just really hated the last half of this chapter. None of it adds up or makes sense. There were other ways to go about this if safety was a concern. Seemed more needlessly stupid and inefficient to me. And I sincerely hope she at least makes Danzo regret with all his soul the desire to recruit her. And that she also doesn't take his demand of reporting to him 1st above others not seriously because that's usurper talk when he isn't the Hokage and should not have more power or rights than said hokage. I honestly just don't understand why she even sought him out. 2nd hand embarrassment is not a good reason. There was literally no reason to and in the end she did not assuage the underlining fear and issue with the whole situation that the others had. Which, again, was explained to her.
3/1 c45 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
What I want to know...is why the 3rd hokage even allowed this regardless of how many of the cancel wants it because he knows himself that it's bullshit and she's in no way to blame when they already knew war was coming and she wasn't suited to such a mission. Plus she's a god. He knows she's a god. He knows of a lot more consequences that are at stake if she takes offense to this injustice and blatant contradiction of the rules against her person.
2/28 c44 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So Kakashi did truly learn...that friendship is magic lmao.
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