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for Minato Namikaze and the Destroyer of Worlds

8/2/2020 c50 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
7/24/2020 c5 M.u.r.r.i
7/23/2020 c3 TheLostArchivist
Okay, that is so much GLORIOUS bullshit right there. It's wonderful. I love it when a character does something insane by accident.
7/18/2020 c49 8The Druid Is In
I’m not sure how I feel about where this is going now, but that being said it’s among the top five best crossovers I’ve ever read (in total, not just for Naruto) and I’ve enjoyed it immensely so far. It’s hilarious yet serious, logical yet absurd, while also entertaining, emotional, intelligent, self-aware, very well written and extremely well-characterized. All things I love in a story. Keep up the good work. I’ll be watching diligently for an update.
7/10/2020 c49 Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory
hey. i going to have to stop reading this story. i don't like where its going right now. 1. LEE is being fatalist & an idiotic martyr. she's not even doing it with her usual style. ... 2. i don't think LEE would ever make a deal with DANZO or [ VOLDE-REN , his name is spelled like that on purpose. ] , LEE is very different from ELLIE POTTER so ERU LEE would not make a deal with them & its seems OOC of her that she does. 3. the REAL WORLD is hell right now so i don't want to read about a WAR , no matter how fictional. its going to be depressing. you're still one of my favorite author. GOOD LUCK with all of your stories. STAY SAFE , STAY HEALTHY. take care of yourself.
7/9/2020 c49 Seere Klein
I really like the slowburn and attachments here. Always the crack present. And if i may ask, can we dedicate a chapter where Lee learned all these birds and bees talk? The sex, kiss or even the second base part. I highly doubt Lee would sought it out on her own so someone must’ve flung it to her. Haha! Anyway i really like how you write and goddamn if Voldie actually sees the other horcruxes having a mind of their own like her emotional support lees. I wonder how voldie would act
7/9/2020 c48 Seere Klein
I wonder how the female voldemort would react seeing its male counterpart. Especially Tequila Voldie kinda has a crush on Lee? Hahaha! And if there was another horcrux on the loose i wonder who will be the one and only lord of the rings to survive
7/9/2020 c47 Seere Klein
Well back the fuck up Danzo. I doubt any seal you might put can be effective regarding Lee. But i think if Minato ever knew this his passive aggressive side will come out again. Especially when Lee decides for herself and its not MinatoandLee anymore.
7/9/2020 c43 Seere Klein
OH MY GOD THEY FUCKING KISSED AGAIN and hello its 1am again here while i’m reading! There is just some kinda mood early in the morning
7/9/2020 c41 Seere Klein
Fuck i forgot Sakumo was gonna harakiri himself. Fuckkkkkkkkk i thought they would be able to you know change that kinda thing fuqqqqqq
7/9/2020 c35 Seere Klein
Oh my god “did she just promise you sex” hahahahahaha damn
7/8/2020 c32 Seere Klein
7/8/2020 c31 Seere Klein
Tobirama being a bit protective of the Lee is a but cute! Hard no to all the machinations and element of underhanded attempts to puppetize Lee
7/8/2020 c30 Seere Klein
I was looking forward to what will happen as soon as Minato knows? That the first kiss was given to a girl? Or part soul of English nin in girl clothing? Mygahd
7/8/2020 c25 Seere Klein
I know they need to grow apart and into their own but fuck even I cant imagine them apart? And with Orochimaru’s funk has me thinking has he gotten over it yet or will Lee be the actual reason of him being a missing nin?
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