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2/27 c23 15SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So Jiraiya taught Haru nothing. Great.

While I feel bad for Kushina and her lack of bonds with the others I also didn't realize she had so persistently verbally bullied Minato for years. Why the fuck would she do that to one of the people who never did anything to her? I remember in canon she was somewhat a victim of bullying for her features and did not tolerate it from anyone and it was hinted that happened here. So why make her a bully? Is it a bully to friends storyline here? Or something else? I just hope that if they do fight they give each other a good workout so that victory isn't a quick or easy thing. Be funny if it was a double knockout tho lol.
2/27 c22 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Well darn. Guess at this point that means a poly romance between Lee, Minato, and Kushina is not gonna be a thing. Sad.
But more over what does Jiraiya even do with Haru? Kid's eyes are draining him to dangerous levels that he can't train in anything else or do anything really and yet he's still made to go to the exams and only now is being told to shut his eyes off with no real guidance.
2/26 c20 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Yaaaayyy some of the fun shenanigans are back!
2/26 c19 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Thank fuck she got on with it and remembered the usefulness of genjustu! Hopefully she remembers the other stuff she can still do, like shields. Why had she been acting like she didn't like it anymore anyway? And also when did she stop caring about efficiency? She wanted to learn more and agreed to actually learn taijutsu only because she realized that it's sometimes necessary for efficiency and survival. What exactly changed to make her moan about wanting to do flashy stuff? And why should she care about how convincingly she can portray "normal" when even her most sincerest attempts fall short. She just has to be as disinterested and efficient as possible while denying any responsibility or else just proving she's an odd duck with weird thought processes which is true. Her just existing is eye catching and she knows this so why is she so hung up on being a normal mediocre kid for this exam just because teacher said to "tone it down"?
2/26 c18 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
All that rage and she didn't take her clone back with her. Didn't even chew out the Uchiha head. Disappointed.
The Uchiha’s had better get into a butt-ton of fucking trouble and have to pay serious reparations for this and even some jail time.
2/25 c17 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
I just realized or remembered...Lee should've been able to take the 5 cultists out easily with her improved training and skills since the time she took out like 15? Kumo ninja that tried to kidnap her and all those zombie plants which were stated to be more skilled.
2/25 c16 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
So...Haru got a power boost? And who is that clone working for? Who's eyes did she steal?
2/25 c15 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Lol. Jiraiya actually pissed me off at 1st for declining to teleport back to the village for such a shitty reason when he has multiple concerns to make it the logical choice. And I say shitty reason because he could EASILY put on a subtle show for any watchers to make himself look responsible as the Sannin and a fūinjutsu master so that Lee can keep hiding. And who the fuck is 1st gonna think a fresh nonamed genin is responsible anyways?! But then I liked him again for FINALLY telling Haru that he was a deadlast too. Now he just needs to actually help the kid with more one on one time.
2/25 c14 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
I enjoy your writing and I was all for the fun shenanigans but it seems more and more like you're leaving the "fun" and leaning on "heavy" the past...few or so chapters. Don't get me wrong it's still good just...frustrating for me personally. Cuz here I am. Waiting for Lee or Minato or one of the good adults to realize that Lee can literally reduce the fear and stress of a few problems here (Orochimaru feeling weirdly robbed because he has to deal with the fact he can't be "1st" after discovering someone better, Mito's age, Tom’s blocked mind and the language barrier, the resurrected hokage being unable to take outside missions or teach in the school etc. which that one is the easiest fix in my opinion. Just have him teach the advanced students and tutor the lackluster ones to bump up the abilities of everyone overall)
But right now the most frustrating thing for me is Hashirama, without consulting his wife, deciding to just allow her likely death to continue because he thinks it'd be "too selfish" to ask for her to be brought back to life and start a slippery slope...like I get it. But I'm also a cynical ass who grew up on Dragon Ball Z so I can't help go: Why not? Why the actual Hell not? Just don't go wishing for all the people of the past to come back! You're wife to presently alive and to die some point in the future. Past deaths should be easy enough to stay away from and regardless she's still alive right now! Ask to prolong her life, restore her youth or both dammit! You could even ask for a better, safer, reusable way to seal the fox...without a human sacrifice even! Why the Frick are these epitome of ninja so damn limited in their thinking?! Also...for Danzo to be approaching Lee now and never before indicates a security breach right? Does he know something he shouldn't? Is anything gonna be done about that?
2/25 c13 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Omg what's with these ninjas?! Just ask Lee to grab the information from the captive safely, accurately and in translation. Her technique can grab "anything no matter what or where" and if that failed she could make something that works. Why is no one being logical about the illogical solutions available to them?!
2/25 c12 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
...Why exactly does she think it's fine to trespass into people's homes now? Also how did none of the ninja hear her persistent knocking? And lastly who's retarded idea was it to take a dangerous hostage who's threat level is an unknown high level from the official interrogation cells into someone's fucking living room?! Doesn't add up at all.
Whatever as long as she stays overpowered and gets all the answers needed from Tom without falling for his games I guess it'll be fine, especially if he's dead soon.
2/24 c8 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Why couldn't he just say he's a different version of her in his own universe he'd already mentioned? It's less complicated than informing a kid that they're basically a god and other universes and beings like them exist. Also why hadn’t he told her or why didn't she ask how they can meet WITHOUT her having to die?
2/24 c3 SilentSnowLeopardNinja
Yo is she gonna make Orochimaru turn traitor sooner out of insanity or get him to think remaining loyal is his best option in life? Either way I expect him to be resorting his priorities.
2/18 c1 Neil455
I’m starting to realize and accept the fact of a Lily-verse
2/7 c51 32GreenTea4062
Omg omg
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