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1/27/2017 c2 20CRyogenic-maelStr01m
But, like, what's the issue with using "like" informally? Like, it's not that bad, is it? It's way better to say "so he was like 'No way!' And she was like 'Yes way!' And then they both were like 'OMG YAAAAS'" than to be like "so he said, 'Impossible!' and she responded, 'But it's true!' And then they exclaimed 'OMG YAAAAS'" ok i give up i can't do this either xD

RIP Tatsuya. I'm guessing his English teacher is one of the blokes responsible for the "Please do not use for the other use" Engrish on my Daiso products. Lololololol
1/27/2017 c1 CRyogenic-maelStr01m
Lol, seems plausible! For the record, ESL is kind of like regular English, except it assumes you're starting at a lower level — where in second grade you should have already have a grasp on speech and somewhat learned how to read, ESL second grade tries to teach you the words and how to read them at the same time. This continues into high school and above, again assuming that you haven't caught up to native English speakers and gives you vocabulary and grammar lessons to supplement the usual but downgraded readingessay assignments. That's probably still an incomplete picture of ESL, but it's what I grasped from the handful of times my schools have tried to stick me in them despite being a native (if bilingual) speaker at a higher level than most of my (monolingual) yearmates. *sweatdrop*

I don't remember when Kagami moved to the US, but if he didn't quite catch the tail end of 5th grade, and he didn't get into ESL right away, or if he was taken out of ESL too soon, he might have had issues getting grammar and vocab in his curriculum. Middle school for native speakers is about the point when most teachers start to pretend it doesn't exist beyond a few worksheets here and there; if he had the bad luck to not be in ESL right away, or taken out of it before or in 9th grade (which for my school is where the mechanics of the language were completely dropped in favor of text analysis), he definitely wouldn't have learned as much of it as he should have. ESL does work to correct the deficiencies in grammar and other workings of the language, though, so he should have learned basic conjugations and parts of speech if he was in it at all.

I see there is a Chapter 2. Let me keep reading for a bit before I ramble on!
5/14/2016 c2 3Angelic yet Demonic
Hahaha... nice one Author-san! I really like this story! looking forward to the next chapter...
12/20/2015 c2 NinjaStar777
Oh, I would love to see what Imayoshi and Aomine would add to this situation.
And don't feel bad Kagami, I actually didn't get an in-depth review of subjunctives and conjugations until college...in Latin.

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