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for Bleach: The Knight Arc

11/7/2020 c3 Guest
Interesting, keep up the good work
4/20/2020 c3 2LONE RANGER 97
Please continue this story
12/25/2016 c2 ShadowCowboy037
I'd love to see where you take this this story and can't wait for an update
8/23/2016 c2 Gina
8/11/2016 c2 Guest
7/11/2016 c2 Willow
Great story, but I think the chapter was cut off.
5/3/2016 c2 Kirkwood000
Please update. PLEASE!
4/13/2016 c2 magi
Make this longer. Please...
3/30/2016 c2 Guest
Um is this chapter even fully written? Cause last time I look, there was barely a few sentences and even though its longer now, it still looks like its not even finished. So please update and fix it please.
3/22/2016 c2 BlackRabbitAlice
Looks awesome! Hope you do longer chapters though...
3/21/2016 c1 Z
I really hope this story is updated soon.
3/22/2016 c2 northwind132
So Anakin is young again? Nice. Also is the chapter suppose to be this short?
3/20/2016 c1 northwind132
This is cool. Hope you update soon.
12/25/2015 c1 7Black Bankai

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