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7/24 c53 1Sage Nameless
"The system of resource exchange that connects the global economy is the true ruler of the world. And this beast with no soul, who is too old, too strong, too deeply ingrained in the very foundations of modern civilization to be stopped or changed, who is always hungry for more wealth and more power, will never allow something with as much potential for profit as magic to be kept away from it.

If only there was a name for such a system... this idea of constantly expanding accumulation of capital...

More seriously though, I'd recommend taking a look at Kapital by Marx, it offers an incredibly systematized and scientific analysis of systems of global exchange, which I gather are two things you rather value in a work. It also offers a much more nuanced view of why capitalism inevitably eats itself, even if we DID assume that resources are infinite.
7/22 c8 Smile Giver11
In most fanfiction where Harry is powerful beyond his years, there's a certain unrealistic inteligence boost that matches the increase in magical ability. It's nice to see a powerful Harry brought down for a bit by trying to raise himself above the Ministry and his schoolmates. This chapter is an excellent example of the results of messing around with ritual magic when you don't know precisely what you are trying to accomplish. Very nice work.
7/20 c52 vricko55
Really weird, racist overtones to the narrative here. Dropping “monkey” out of nowhere when taking about African and middle eastern immigrants.
7/19 c56 qalthrowaway
It seems strange that a teacher like Harry would not have included Lorkhan in the experiment process.
7/19 c34 KodyMikage
getting QUITE annoyed at and VERY bored with all the insidious porn scenes in every chapter for the last dozen chapters. WHERE'S THE MAGIC! AND HURDLES! AND ACHIEVEMENTS! AND BREAKTHROUGHS! AND RESEARCH! I'm sick of this shit because I actually like this harry version so wtfthis is only chapter 34 of 56, do I have to go through redundant smut and marriage talk for the rest of it? cause bitch I am ready to fight UGHHHHHJJ
7/18 c32 Guest
To those that say the sex is too much, i say nay!

He uses sex as a multi purpose tool! its for pleasure, brainwashing (if done with sex magic) And stress relief! And its also sometimes a teaching tool

He dont trust the female grown ups? (Imma fuckem till they cant live without mah dick)
He need his girlfriends loyal? (Sex coma!)
Teaching wandless magic?(i need tah put ma dick up ya vagina first so ya can feel ma’ magic inside ye!)
Girlfriend depressed? (Sex huuuuug!)

The sex magic has many uses it aint just filler bois
7/18 c2 Michael McCurdy
"Harry is a bit unlikeable at the moment"? He's thus far one of the MORE likable protagonists I've read about. Sad to hear that he'll be changing really.
7/17 c1 qalthrowaway
my lawyers will contact you about this slanderous antique outhouse
7/13 c56 Astramilitarum
Itnwas an interesting read, it is a unique take on the HP world and the characters are fleshed bout enough to matter.

Not so sure about the heavy focus an sex 70% of the Time, at some point it's was just worthless filler in my eyes. I'm not against Sex in a mature story far from it, just the amount was a surprise and was at times bordering on a smut fanfic.

It still was an interesting story.
7/12 c13 J McAllister
The only reason Rowling didn't have much (or rather, any) mention of sex because Harry Potter was classified as a "children's book". I mean parents went nuts when Rowling described how Harry felt under the Cruciatis Curse in the Goblet of Fire book.
And just because it has a few sex scenes doesn't make it a smut fic, like if a movie has a few sex scene doesn't make it porn, and people need to understand that.

Good job with the fic!
7/9 c2 1Violet Chloe Snow
Damn. I don't know what I expected without Harry there to play the hero, but it certainly wasn't that.

The worst part is the realization of just how the magical world will handle Hermione's parents.
7/5 c54 mikesmith1370
I have read this book multiple times and it's sequel. I enjoy it
a lot except for the Muslim hating parts, to the point where I find myself skipping over them now. The biggest issue I have with it is, to me, it reads as if the author is the one who is anti Muslim and not necessarily the character. I have read and reread these sections and each time I think "wow, this guy is definitely a Muslim hater." Maybe my impression is inaccurate, but that's just it: it's my impression. Otherwise, even with the gratuitous sex, this is one of my favorite fan fics.
6/29 c55 3Sefera
Very Good! Though, sadly, you were just two months off for destroying the muggle world to fall on a Friday the 13th. If you had chosen May the 13th of 2050 instead of July the 13th of 2050, it’d have been on a Friday.

All the same, I’m just rereading this for the fifth or so time, Very Good :)
6/28 c3 1magister of light
Doing a re-read of this series currently and might I say it is both exceedingly charming and quite the bit crazy how in this chapter we see Luna becoming Harry's first friend which will lead to the current be the last of his wives. She has definitely been a favorite of mine through your stories and I looked forward to going back through the stories with fresh eyes. It's almost like a 'How I Met Your Mother' or "When Harry met Luna'. XD
6/24 c3 mai hu sonu
Man you killed dobby! I am sad.
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