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7/11 c42 54Logar3
Been very much enjoying this, such a shame I’m caught up!
5/16 c40 3DamascusDalek
the answer to rubys question is that incest is wincest for a reason.
5/12 c36 DamascusDalek
okay the ruby and yang bit really made me giggle
5/12 c34 DamascusDalek
oh this poor girl is gonna burn herself out by her second year
5/12 c25 DamascusDalek
okay that was actually really sweet and got me right in the feels.
5/12 c25 DamascusDalek
Boarbatusk. boar orb. boarb
5/12 c20 DamascusDalek
damn, that twist caught me all the way off guard. guess i can pour one out for the potential of Lancaster lol
5/12 c17 DamascusDalek
god this AN made me somehow feel even older. mostly cuz saying "2016 was 8 years ago" is one thing. but mentioning the v3 aired actually means something to me because i can recall where i was watching it, and remembering i was still in highschool then.
5/11 c6 DamascusDalek
god that opening author note made me suddenly feel old.
5/11 c4 DamascusDalek
this fic is really interesting so far but i find myself disheartened by the update date on this. i hope youre still alive out there. covids been making a lot of ghosts online
2/5 c42 brbthe2nd
bro wrote peak and disappeared from the face of the Earth
1/18 c5 kirbyfun
i can picture jaunes weapon all that comes to mind is harbinger qrows weapon
9/26/2023 c42 wearedeadpool
so this is where the story ends, that sucks, but ok then.
9/25/2023 c42 Motherland
Very cool fanfiction, very cool relationship between Jaune and Yang (unlike that nonsense from the canon)... It’s a bit of a pity that there isn’t enough San yet... I’ll wait for the continuation!
9/7/2023 c28 wearedeadpool
I was wondering when Weiss was going to learn that "Just Saber" was Jaune, happy it happened before this story appeared to be discontinued.
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