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10/25/2020 c41 Fate-Chance
Ah man... this sucks knowing it just ends here..
You had such a great thing going, i liked the pacing, the bonding, the pairing. Hell, i even liked the reveal that Jaune and Ruby are distant cousins.
Anyways, just wanna let ya know that I enioyed reading this (if you're even reading my review. [See what i did there?])
9/24/2020 c41 8MogtheGnome
This story is just so wonderfully wholesome. I wish it updated again someday.
9/20/2020 c41 Roxas Lucist
more please. this is awesome there are few 'stronger' or smarter whichever this classifies as that do a concept so smoothly like this. and there are even less where the teams are different ya know. I await the ending and the plot egarly
9/13/2020 c1 Lionard Alavaster
this seems good, I already liked "a few pointers" time to get some popcorn.
9/6/2020 c16 R
Why is it that i can never find a story where Jaune isnt the damn underdog? He is ALWAYS getting his ass handed to him. I mean shit, do you have ANY concept on how advantageous the shield/sword combo is against the ceastus? And how do you justify him missing a POINT-BLANK shot on a weapon he has extensive practice with? What is the point of having that strategy in the first place if you are just going to force a loss on his part? I could have accepted a narrow loss a draw, or a pyrrhic victory on her part. Would have preffered him to win.

Whatever, i suppose. Not entirely put off with this.
8/27/2020 c4 A Petty Theif
... hold up... silver eyes... Jaune is related to ruby and yang... isnt he...
8/27/2020 c4 A Petty Theif
I love Jaune centered stories. Moments like these-ninjas of love- really make me face palm and chuckle.
8/9/2020 c9 RedKnightmare
8/1/2020 c41 Jeff goldblum69
fantastic story hope you continue it
7/23/2020 c41 13Fencer22
Sighs* ya know I’ve had this tab open for months? Dunno when I stopped reading. I know I stopped because the long time between updates kept forcing me to go back and reread and I was tired of that. Still, shame it seems pretty seriously dead it was one of the best RWBY fics I’ve seen. Going to have to check what else you’ve written since.
7/13/2020 c24 Hypnos4002
My mans turned RWBY into JWYN
7/13/2020 c19 Hypnos4002
6/18/2020 c1 Visual Bliss
This is one of the only RWBY stories I've seen with jaune actually being in a hunter academy and apparently he is still kinda the same... But he makes little to no effort in trying to rectify this? I mean he is actually in a huntsmen academy this time I feel like he should be at least slightly better then his Canon self but no apparently that is too much to ask for... Until he gets the informative journal... Maybe that will help out?
6/16/2020 c41 GuiltyEyes3432
Dam Neo beating Phyraa was not expected but perhaps could be something with the jump Neo got on her her sembelance being confusing to deal with at first.

I liked the story overall. Was rlly suprised at how easy it was for Jaune to climb up the ranks, Im suprsied Ozpin cares about Blood loyaltly and making amends for Summer through Jaune becoming aware of the true situation.

I understand motivation being a problem for people. It is for me. Sucks that ur writing ceased for 2 years now. I hope you do return or better yet find a stable and strong motivation to continue writing. AS ur last writing motivation didnt seem to go well, nor did the one before that.

Yang and Jaune being a thing was surpsing but its nice! Trhe blond duo kicking ass. Love the art.
Hard to comphrened how the weapons look like. The pistol in the beautiful picture of the story was not what I thought the pistol looked like. Also I reccomend u make it so that all the weapons folds just like ruby's does so its easier for jaune to carry around without looking like hes carrying an entire army's worth of equipment on him.

Love the story, hope it comes back, hope you are doing well.
Take care!
6/15/2020 c25 GuiltyEyes3432
The Port scene at the begining was hilarious
Very cute ending
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