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6/15/2020 c18 GuiltyEyes3432
I really wish you gave us visual designs of the weapons jaune has
6/15/2020 c16 GuiltyEyes3432
The dad wising up and seeing how perhaps the classic sword is no longer a thing that hunters and huntress can rely on alone in such a now advacned wolrd was a smart descision
6/14/2020 c11 GuiltyEyes3432
I cant believe the smut book is Fate stay night
6/13/2020 c41 21thepkrmgc
shame this wasn't continued!
6/12/2020 c37 thepkrmgc
here's to joyous reunions!
6/11/2020 c36 thepkrmgc
I was wondering how you would make the little sister relevant to the main plot...
6/11/2020 c33 thepkrmgc
when in doubt, pull a magneto
6/11/2020 c32 thepkrmgc
penny and noras interactions are great, and it should be cool to see how the family reacts to the "hey we have a cousin" thing
6/11/2020 c31 thepkrmgc
it should be cool to see how this jaune deals with penny, and how he ends up using that favor
6/11/2020 c30 thepkrmgc
nice job on the team bonding!
6/10/2020 c29 thepkrmgc
well, thats been a long time coming, hopefully it wont crash and burn
6/10/2020 c28 thepkrmgc
props to yang for telling the story, and to jaune for trying to see the best in people
6/10/2020 c27 thepkrmgc
I wonder if nora can get grenades filled with those concoctions?
6/10/2020 c26 thepkrmgc
I wonder what happened between jaune's last pov and when we see him at the end, he seemed intimidated and baffled but not truely angry
6/9/2020 c25 thepkrmgc
props to jaune for sharing that reveal, I doubt the talk with weiss will go as well though...
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