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1/14/2020 c41 MrBill68
This story is great, but it's been over a year since the last update (as far as I can see anyway). Please please continue...please... :)
12/30/2019 c41 Fererer
This fic is awesome, I’m afraid it might end after the party, like I have seen many other great fics do. Pls continue this story, it’s my favorite rwby fic!
12/3/2019 c3 2JustAnAverageGuy101
Forgot to follow
12/3/2019 c2 JustAnAverageGuy101
Well done is all I'll say
12/3/2019 c29 TheShob
My favorite yang x jaune story yet
12/1/2019 c37 28Abyssal Angel
- If Jaune hadn't offered, she'd have seriously needed to reconsider what she saw in him.
- Realizing what they specifically were waiting for, she followed Jaune, and they all fell in behind her. It was an awkward moment, but she understood.

The latest in a series of lines that equate to a logic break. I'm starting to question why I'm still reading this story, as these breaks in logic are starting to get really jarring. Interestingly, these logic breaks only started after the point in the story when Yang and Juane got together. Or at least I don't recall seeing any or noting any that really stood out before that point in the story.
11/19/2019 c1 renokana
This first chapter is good. Eased into the AU RWBY universe you made.
10/7/2019 c41 TheOneYouDontSee1
Please update i love this story
9/20/2019 c41 Cookie
Man,what an amazing chapter I can't wait for the next update great work M! Definitely one of my favourite stories! :)
8/13/2019 c41 3Fyr RedNight
Awesome chapter!
7/24/2019 c25 5RedShirt1453
sweet home Alabama
7/23/2019 c10 RedShirt1453
I really don't get why he is so upset about this whole issue. I mean they were terrorists. They'd already killed plenty of innocent people.
7/23/2019 c4 1Crankymcgranky
Hold up. Jaune's mom with Silver Eyes, the tags with Ruby and Yang, Jaune's aunt dying when he was 6, unknown name, vast wealth of information on weapons and dust...

Intriguing if my suspicions are proven correct later on on the story, and that Lancaster is off the table unless we are in Alabama.
7/11/2019 c41 SirenAtlantica
Brilliant storyI've thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I wish you luck in all future ventures.
7/5/2019 c41 Guest
I know it’s been awhile since updated, but I have really enjoyed this series, and would love to see it continued. I like the different dynamics with the very odd team combos, and the story itself is keeping me on the edge of my seat. Hope to see this continued some day!

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