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9/7/2023 c24 wearedeadpool
so Jaune in this story is related to Ruby and sort of Yang (though not by blood), which does make it weird when Yang (later in this chapter) walks out of the bathroom completely naked (at least, I'm assuming she was completely naked), which must have been very awkward for Jaune to see after learning that (though it is funny how Yang doesn't really mind Jaune seeing her like that).
9/6/2023 c23 wearedeadpool
I'm actually surprised Weiss didn't recognized Jaune's voice as "Just Saber"'s.
8/31/2023 c13 wearedeadpool
pretty good.
8/31/2023 c8 wearedeadpool
I wonder what Weiss' reaction to who "Just Saber" will be, cause lets be real, she's gonna find out eventually in the story.
8/31/2023 c6 wearedeadpool
I have a feeling that when Yang mouthed to Jaune "Mary who", it was probably "Marry me", since that's literally the only thing I can think of that would make sense there.
8/31/2023 c1 wearedeadpool
pretty good start.
7/10/2023 c32 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Just realized Jaune's uncle will be his dad if he marries Yang and i dont know how to feel about that...

It seems so much like incest, but the trees never intertwine like that
7/10/2023 c32 TheWritingFreakIsBack
Im hoping these quotes are from the people doing beta reading because its wonderful
7/8/2023 c23 TheWritingFreakIsBack
you split up the duo >:(
6/30/2023 c5 trninjakiller
His weapon is kinda trash honestly.
6/5/2023 c24 7jfrost22792
I can deal with a lot of artistic license, every writer takes makes their own additions to the setting. That's the point of fanfiction. Though this has to be one of the most ridiculous and irrational things I've tried to see an author sell in a story not intended to be humous. Writing both Ozpin as an incompetent fool and the academy as simply abandoning its entire curriculum structure. That's a level of nonsensical I just can't be bothered with.
5/18/2023 c24 The Man Sitting Under A Tree
Ugly team compositions
5/11/2023 c42 3Gizmo Gear
Heh. This was great. But who was who...?

I hope to see amother update soon! It's been over a year...
5/8/2023 c36 Gizmo Gear
"I tried to followed me!"

I got that reference! XD
5/8/2023 c33 Gizmo Gear
Awww shit.
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