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11/6/2018 c19 InfinityMask
Hmm.. interesting I wonder if it's Arc blood has something special in it? Bloodline limited?
11/6/2018 c18 InfinityMask
Just to check, Gawain and his sister fine right? Will this turn into Jaune x Yang or maybe harem?
11/6/2018 c16 InfinityMask
Hmm.. I wonder would Jaune modify Crocea Mors?
11/6/2018 c13 InfinityMask
I hope Gawain sister is fine
11/6/2018 c12 InfinityMask
Lol I kinda expected this to happen. That why At first I think one of them should stay in village just in case.
11/6/2018 c11 InfinityMask
Lol shirou and rin!

Btw That dangerous ammo
11/6/2018 c10 InfinityMask
Why I can't shake a feeling that Jaune aunt is Summer?
11/6/2018 c9 InfinityMask
How come Qrow didn't help him? He knows Jaune killed right? Shouldn't he or someone help him?
11/4/2018 c24 Reader
I hate what you did with the teams and the rest of the initiation it was a dumb choice that ruins an amazing story until this point. Literally stupid to the point of me finding hard to read without having to cringe.
11/3/2018 c39 1SpliceKnightWrites
When are we getting an update to this by chance? Miss seeing updates!
10/16/2018 c39 haiiperion
I missssss youuuuuuuu
9/24/2018 c25 GL
Seems less of a 'Jaune' story and more of a 'all the whiny bitches Juane knows' story. Can you imagine when all of their periods sync up?!
9/22/2018 c31 2merendinoemiliano
Return soon
9/5/2018 c35 TheOneYouDontSee1
9/2/2018 c36 EastRyd
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