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5/8/2023 c31 3Gizmo Gear
Oh boy, fusions! Those are always fun to work with. XD
5/7/2023 c25 Gizmo Gear
"So THAT'S where you learned all that stuff about Dust!"

I can see it now! XD
5/7/2023 c21 Gizmo Gear
A lot of mood indeed.

I wonder who the guy was asking about his scar...? Hmmm...
5/7/2023 c17 Gizmo Gear
Tai and Yang did that on purpose. You cannot tell me they didn't do that on purpose. There's no way. XD
5/7/2023 c16 Gizmo Gear
Jaune is gonna end up pulling a Pyrrha.

The ending of the chapter felt both too sjort and yet perfectly timed. Augh. Gg.
5/7/2023 c15 Gizmo Gear
Oh? Is this Dragonslayer I see? Yes please!
5/7/2023 c6 Gizmo Gear
Vompetent Jaune. Like, canon Jaune, but competent. Glorious.
5/6/2023 c3 Gizmo Gear
Heh. Man, I'm loving this fic already.
5/6/2023 c1 Gizmo Gear
One exhausted Jaune Arc later...
Definitely adding this to my saved fics.
3/9/2023 c42 Guest
It’s a real shame you’ve discontinued your work. This and Just a Few Pointers were really good.
3/6/2023 c8 Efthee
ah this might be a harem. lol just saber
1/27/2023 c3 RandoFox
Would you be willing to tell me what the pairing is, I'm curious and it's not like finding out will ruin the story for me
1/15/2023 c42 Cloudy09
I still come back to this fanfic every once in a while to see if it has been updated. For sure one of most interesting Jaune centric stories, specially with how it takes the character.
1/8/2023 c25 ThatSpaceMann2
Sweet home Alabama.
7/18/2022 c10 6Cap'n Mel
killkng someone and calling yourself a monster? kimda illogical
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