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9/24/2021 c8 Guest
Just Saber!
9/15/2021 c42 53Mmjohns
This has been brilliant thus far, I would dearly like more
9/10/2021 c3 Guest
I hope he gets with ruby after a out weapon rivalry
8/1/2021 c42 Guest
I’d like to know how the simulation actually ended. Was a bit disappointed to not have a conclusion and aftermath.
8/1/2021 c41 Guest
A pot-shot is a guaranteed hot. As in the bird might as well already be in the pot. Otherwise, good chapter.
8/1/2021 c42 I'm a miniman
This was glorious, I loved every second of the simulation part. Though I’d have loved to read about what Jaune turned a 3v4 into with his Joker-like manipulation. Glad you’ve started the big wheel a-rollin again and I can’t wait to see what comes next, with you for the long ride. Good luck!
7/14/2021 c20 Sir Lone
Hmm, I have to question Ozpin bringing in Jaune when he offers nothing to actually be of use. Unless this is just the start to a morally grey manipulative Ozpin.

He did not know Ruby had silver eyes (meaning Qrow and tai kept it from him) and as soon as he did he went for her. So is he just using Jaune to get his sisters and mom who would actually be useful to him.

As for the summer stuff. I’m surprised it never came up Ruby’s last name was rose and not xiao long. Nor him noticing the fact her mom (if she looks like she did in the STRQ photo) is the spitting image of ruby.

I wonder if finding out yang is technically a cousin will put a damper on the romance side. Sure it not by blood but the familial side of it will still be there. Her father, his uncle, will still be a father in law if it went that far.
7/13/2021 c17 Sir Lone
Ah, my poor Lancaster heart getting a little fed but from the art and how hard it is being laid on so far it’s a dragon slayer fic

I wonder about the choice of a spear sniper. If I got the idea right the barrel could be the staff part of a spear right?
Technically that would mean Jaune cannot block with it as that would dent the barrel and make it unable to fire.

Sure Ruby should have the same issue but her barrel is so covered up it likely would never be the object that takes the hit.

Last point is I don’t know what you lore for this world will be, but for Jaune to be brought into it at 17 before beacon even starts is kinda crazy. Only reason Pyrrha got told the small amount she did was because they had no choice since they needed a host for the maiden
7/11/2021 c13 Sir Lone
Imma just guess the a white mask like raven had (it sounds like) and white cloak basically means summer.

Talking about important stuff cus she knows the journal cus it’s hers. Or something like that
7/10/2021 c12 Sir Lone
Man, everywhere Jaune goes, it escalates to very bad levels of “stuff is happening that shouldn’t of”
7/9/2021 c9 Sir Lone
Ah, I see the killing was addressed in the next chapter. That’s good, though I think it still should have been more central WHEN it happened, instead of thinking of how cute Weiss was

Since I wrote that I’ll say something about this chapter. It’s interesting to see you create a “graduation mission” system. From the way it was framed in show, missions never happened until they got there and had their first ones S though I guess that is the upside to fanfics and their creative freedom they give.

Still I am enjoying it. Hope the troubled thoughts of taking lives continues on. Not to have him suffer but to not have a repeat of yang’s ptsd in show, there one second, gone and forgotten the next
7/9/2021 c8 Sir Lone
Well 8 chapters in feels good to write something

I like the premise, it’s interesting change to have Jaune be in the same school as yang and ruby, to have his own weapon and the journal to mix it up

He does not suddenly became op, though I think being the person to go the longest against yang is quiet a jump. But you mention of motivation in other students being gone worked for that. Though him reading a journal once and immediately retaining most the info to start answering all the questions in class is kinda strange considering he was apparently not doing well prior to the journal.

I can already guess the pairing considering the cover pic, and I have to say it’s the one I least likely would have thought seeing as we seems to have shown more in common with ruby (weapon design and understanding), Blake (smut books) and had a personal experience already with Weiss that left a strong impression.

Though I did have a little issue with Weiss being dumb enough to actually think his name was “just saber” instead of saber alone. That borders on the usual idiotic comic relief character.

Last point I will say is that it’s a little weird how quick Jaune was able to rationalise and accept killing. He is what? 15-16 at this point. And already fine with taking a life and immediately just thinking how cute the girl he saved was.

And add on the returning of the soldiers rifle. A nice gesture, but only if the rifle meant anything to them. Soldiers are issued their gear, and would not likely have any attachment to it. It would be like returning a name tag to a staff member, sure it’s theirs but the gesture is ultimately pointless as it is very replaceable and unimportant.
6/28/2021 c42 Seneschi
BANGER! You love to see it, btw I'm kinda confused as to who the 2 traitors were? Since Yang attacked Ren but Jaune shot Yang and Weiss is confirmed to be one and Nora is a confirmed innocent but the last interaction with Blake makes it sound like Jaune was a traitor? But then why did Yang attack Ren?
6/20/2021 c19 1Diavo
Good reason, well my idea is as follows. This was one of their forst times working together, and Cinder stayed close by to make sure Roman could deliver.
6/19/2021 c6 Diavo
Yeah, sure, Qrow is drinking «water». Well, 60% water, so as it is mainly water, i guess it’s correct in some ways.
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