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5/24/2021 c42 Machsticc
I've missed this
5/22/2021 c15 Lenny
4/7/2021 c38 Panda.k1ng
Yeahhhh... Jaune’s not getting that journal back. I feel like Ruby also has to consider that it’s his aunt too. And considering who it was left for she can’t really go monopolizing it.
3/18/2021 c42 1HalflingRunner
Talk about raising the dead my guy glad you are ok
3/9/2021 c29 4DaDragon562
Lol I figured the escalation would be white fang related not yang escalating her affection for jaune and him reciprocating. Though I’m still rooting for some white knight!
3/9/2021 c25 DaDragon562
Well damn, I like how Yang says ruby jaune no no because theyre cousins, but has no issue of some dragon slayer
3/8/2021 c16 DaDragon562
Gunblade weapon time?
3/8/2021 c12 DaDragon562
Nora smash!
3/8/2021 c10 DaDragon562
Nice feels at the end with cathartic release
3/8/2021 c8 DaDragon562
Lol at clueless Weiss
3/8/2021 c5 DaDragon562
Finally he gets real experience, great to see!
3/8/2021 c3 DaDragon562
That last pun was actually pretty good.

Interesting to see Jaune creating a reputation here
3/8/2021 c2 DaDragon562
Brainiac Jaune from actually reading for once
3/8/2021 c1 DaDragon562
I am surprisingly charmed by the simple intro, I really want to read further and see how this goes. It has a lot of potential to set Jaune up better when he starts Beacon, I presume the notebook is the substitute for having a trainer in Pyrrha
3/7/2021 c42 dsty292
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks for chapter!
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