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2/22/2021 c42 MrBill68
OMFG! Where the hell have you BEEN?! Really glad to see an update on one of my favorite fics! Now, please don't leave me hanging for another 2 years before the next one. LOL :)
2/21/2021 c42 Fate-Chance
How long has it been? 2 years? Glad to see you're back man.
Amazing chapter as always!
2/21/2021 c42 rarrarshark
This story is great! Please keep up the good work!
2/21/2021 c42 13Infinity Unit 13
Have I mentioned that I love the way your write Jaune and Yang here? Because I do. Awesome work!
2/21/2021 c42 2TheScarecrowWriter
The return of the king
2/21/2021 c42 2merendinoemiliano
Glad you came back. Overall nice chapter and dialogues, it makes me always more curious about what you have in time for next volumes, only I hope fights will be a bit longer. Keep up the good work and happy new year.
2/21/2021 c42 FFReader123
Good to see this classic updated again, I was thinking it was dead
2/20/2021 c42 Guest
There's no way. I start re reading this last night and the next day you update it? That is insane! So glad this story is back its one of my favorite RWBY fics.
2/20/2021 c42 MonkeyBoy0118
The story lives! Yes! So happy to have seen this update notification come out. Keep up the awesome work and really looking forward to the next chapter!
2/20/2021 c42 1HalflingRunner
Glad to see you are still alive
2/20/2021 c42 tensei32
welcome back! :)
2/20/2021 c42 Reader
So glad to see this being updated
2/20/2021 c42 8MogtheGnome
This update made my week! I'm so glad to see more - this story is one of the best in this category on the website!
2/20/2021 c42 Arue23
It's awesome to see a good story continuing no matter how long the update takes. Thanks for the chapter and enjoy yourself.
2/20/2021 c42 Allegingsky9788
holy shit your not dead
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