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4/20 c28 Guest
Also please keep kuroka in the harem please please have her in it
4/20 c8 Guest
Please continue the story please and hurry up and write a new chapter soon
4/11 c11 marquis.shax
yeah I was right you DIDN'T make it a sacred gear which would be much better than what you've got it set up as now. Honestly these swords can be handled by just about anybody where as with a sacred gear they'd be special to just Issei there'd be no need to "protect" them as they wouldn't be able to be stolen or anything like that
4/11 c10 marquis.shax
I haven't seen any mention in the authors notes of it yet although I could've missed it, you DO realize that this Momo is an ADULT Video Actress (aka PORN STAR) right? Also I think rather than what it seems so far with Issei being able to "Wield" these 3 swords you should adjust it so that it's a type of sacred gear since I feel if it were a sacred gear you'd have already had Issei unlock it by now
4/11 c4 marquis.shax
I wish there were hearing aids like what were given to Issei since that would be the type that could actually work for me since the bones in one of my ears were completely crushed in an accident so had to be removed meaning I've got very poor hearing lol
4/4 c15 SaekoWolf
I posted this before but I'll do it again because I really mean it I absolutely cannot explain how much I love the work you do. But I especially love this book to I have read it countless times whenever I was down when I first found Soundless Knight I was in the darkest time of my life and I was trying to find a way to take a breather or escape for a bit and this was my way I love you this so much it has a special place in my heart and the fact that you wrote this in honor of your freind and changed the story and charecter for your freind is heartwarming because you you did so well too so it's an even better honor for him and those who read it. I just want to thank you so much because iam in a much better place now and it breaks my heart personally when you don't get the love and praise you deserve and I am a new writer myself and I know how hard it is too create especially when your a smaller writer anyone who doesn't say anything or something super unhelpful like it was good are no help at all and frustrating but I hope you keep it up and I would like to thank you from my heart for your hard work and dedication to honor your freind Ja ne!
4/4 c28 Guest
I absolutely love your stories there is just something about them that in my opinion aspeccially soundless knight that I would say was the one that should of been animated because it good enough to beat the anime. Iam a beginning writer myself and I know how discouraging got is when someone doesn't appreciate or give feedback on something you've spent hours on making. I would just like to say that iam a huge fan and you book the countless times I've read this one specifically head helped me in the darkest part of my life. So thank you so much for making this world even a little bit brighter because for some people it changes and helps people in dark times once again thank you and please keep doing gwhta you do best.
3/30 c1 Keithbear666
The only thing i can say is i am excited to see this story and find out the kind of person kha was through this. I'm also excited for what you have in store for the future. My condolences and sincere apologies for your friend. Rest in peace kha.
3/19 c4 RunOnSentences
His speech would be very messed up while talking for the first time in years. His pronunciation of words would sound vaguely slurred tbh
3/19 c3 RunOnSentences
Isnt Grabbing a dead person’s hands mid-speech is like telling them to shut the fuck up?
3/16 c28 Kingjax2006
Can’t wait to read the next chapter great book
3/11 c28 Guest
3/6 c28 Funnybones123
This is awesome I just finished this chapter and I started reading the story this morning and I'm really excited to see what's next. Keep up the great work
3/3 c28 Jakeros
a little peeve I want to point out, you referred to hayato as issei's father instead of grandfather in this chapter. might want to go back and edit that.
other than that, YES! That oughta get momo going in the right direction! and valene seems to have gotten interested in issei too. let the catfights commence! and jito's reveal was quite a curve ball, and it still makes sense. well d
one, well done! and now I'm caught up. I can't believe I actually quit this fuc back then because of grayfia not being with sirzechs. what a stupid move I made. but I'm here now, and I'm here to stay! eagerly awaiting updates.
3/2 c24 Jakeros
Rias, my dear, Kokobean bitch-slapped you the last time you tried to "protect" your cute Ise. You might wanna get a bit stronger before you try anything like that again.
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