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for A True Leader of Men

10/15/2017 c1 1Belegthalion
This piece was amazing. It was so inspiring! The themes of sacrifice, courage, and selflessness all contributed to a story that moves the reader, and provides them with hope!
7/3/2016 c1 13Cowboy-4-Christ
I always strive to be like that .
12/22/2015 c1 41CrackinAndProudOfIt
Wonderful! I like the way you've "transposed" the deeds of one team of Rangers to fit those of another, even down to the very same injuries. Both Bronwë and Beltré's perseverance really is impressive - and inspirational. :) I loved the way you depicted the close, tender relationship between Bronwë and Gelir throughout this fic, as well as the references to where this story fits into the big picture of the Gondorians' struggle with Sauron, with the mentions of Thorongil and Ecthelion.

Nice work! I've enjoyed all of your stories from the semester, and I'm looking forward to reading more if your muse strikes over the break. :D
12/18/2015 c1 catherine10
the story is amazing most people do not write ocs so well
12/17/2015 c1 11The First Adventuress
Oh, what a great tribute to a great ballplayer. I regret that I wasn't following baseball at the time he was a Mariner. I had fun trying to guess who the other characters were meant to be, and what details were based off real life and what weren't. Who was Gelir supposed to be? My first guess would be Odor or perhaps Andrus? I didn't watch the game so I don't know.
12/17/2015 c1 64Sophia the Scribe
Good job! I am very glad Finrod managed to convince you to write this ;)

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