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for When Harry met Wednesday

6/18 c19 primalparadox
Just to clear things up for you a little, a sociopath basically lacks any form of empathy whereas a psychopath is mentally wrong in some way that fails to adhere to reality. A sociopath would likely kill without a hint of remorse while a pychop
6/17 c7 EloSnape
Hooo mais nonnnnnn pourquoi Harry dénonce le rôle de Severus Snape alors qu il l'a toujours protéger dans l ombre? . Grrrrr je n ose imaginer ce qu il va endurée le pauvre
6/17 c6 Guest
Excellent chapitre, Harry Black Adams 1 l ordre du vieux fou citronné 0. K adoré ton histoire.
5/20 c30 Guest
Awesome story. Just found is from a rec and have really enjoyed it thanks for sharing it.
5/18 c30 Wolvie26
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens next! Hope you update soon!
5/17 c16 Guest
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , i HATE Hermione, kill her plsss T_T
5/13 c28 1Bluebeetle32
the lament configeration... ill pass but thanks anyway
5/13 c30 7Faithless wanderer
NOOOO, I need the final chapters, it can't be a part of the infinite limbo of stories that go unfinished, this was too good to stop
5/4 c30 Guest
Dearly loving the story and very much looking forward to seeing what happens next. Thank you for your hard work.
4/21 c4 arhanmohamed17
ohhh i will NEVER turn away from blood and gut's
4/21 c3 arhanmohamed17
hmmmm interesting ragnok i usually portraid as the head f goblin nation
4/21 c1 arhanmohamed17
whty do i get the feeling that Dumbledore obliviated harrys memories constantly
4/8 c30 3GoddessxNyte2
i wish there was more. i really love this story and i am filled with anticipation on what happens next :D
4/4 c30 6Mando-Vet
Came here after a year away to see how it has been.
Not bad...
3/15 c30 Guest
This is a great read. I hope you remain inspired!
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