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for When Harry met Wednesday

5/31 c30 Asgrim
Just spent the last couple of days reading through this and all I can say, this is amazing, as close as it is to the ending of the original harry potter storyline, I hope this continues for a long while longer, no pressure to the author for that.

While I didn't expect the Addams'es to be so eager for murder, it is in line with a more psychopathic look at the family. Revenge is always sweet, although the family seems happy to murder anyone whether they are crossed or not. However it is wonderful to read their passion in helping Harry and Wednesday go about their bloody business.

To me this story almost fits perfectly, should this have been the original harry potter storyline, while I would be too young to see it at release at the time, it would have become a fast forming cult classic of any must watch list, although probably not as popular as the movies we have.

If this were to be translated to film, or even better a long running series, I don't think I would want to watch anything else.
5/26 c8 Guest
Hope harry will make some progress, I just can't take submissive guys seriously.
5/20 c7 3Melverne
No you are not bashing Dumbledore. There are no open insults against the headmaster. Harry is mad that Albus has messed with his mind. Sending the "letter" to Dumbledore was a great touch.
5/20 c3 Melverne
I've been looking for Addams Family crossovers. So glad to have found this one. It has been a great read. Thank you for sharing.
5/19 c30 88erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
5/4 c30 9Goodpie2
Well. Finally caught up. This has been a *ride,* and one I've thoroughly enjoyed. I initially avoided it when I found this years ago, because the "Dumbledore tried to brainwash Harry into being the Golden Boy he needed, until he was saved by his soulmate" trope is one I rather strongly dislike, but I powered through and damn am I glad I did. I am reminded once again of the wisdom Jim Butcher taught us- *any* story concept can be made into a good story by a sufficiently talented author.

The pacing is stellar, the characters are fun, and the fight scenes are engaging. The prose is descriptive without being flowery and the dialogue is well written and sounds like it's being said by actual human beings. The plot is solid- either it was well thought out, or you have a knack for making it up as you go without leaving many plot holes behind. Or perhaps a mixture of the two.

Reading the ANs, I'm glad you weren't discouraged, and that you returned to this rather than continue trying to rewrite it. As you said, perfect need not be the enemy of good, and this story *is* quite good. It's not perfect- there's a couple of minor plot holes, and I'm not a fan of *everything* you did, such as the Addamses corrupting so many people. But I've never read any story *completely* devoid of plotholes, and most of my disagreements are matters of personal preference.

In all, you've created a well written, fun and engaging story and I'm glad you returned to it. I eagerly look forward to seeing where it takes us.
5/3 c30 Guest
I look forward to seeing this continue
5/1 c30 francisgalicia1108
How come wednesday already giving birth?
5/1 c30 15Animalover205
So far an awesome story, I am so loving it actually. Please keep the good work.
4/19 c12 1zeo knight
fantastic and interestingly you mentioned the evils harry tag for Addams hp crossovers i don't think people really understand what they mean unless they intentionally make harry seek out victims in their Fics overall a good show
4/19 c30 ILoveGeorgeEads
it was great.
4/12 c30 DracoKing30
4/3 c30 froggyenthusiast
Beautiful chapter! I’m so excited to read the next one! :D
4/2 c29 Sebine
I love the swings you have on Bella.
and really you need to give Milly a chance to use her bow
4/2 c30 jaclon
Bloody cliff hanger... which would not matter if I did not like this tale so much. Thanks for another helping of harry and wednesday .. ciao til next time
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