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6h c26 Joshua the Hand-Written
Your story is not just good, but very, very good. I'm very glad to see you back, and hope your RL continues to improve. Big praise to you.
23h c26 yoto
bon chapitre
5/27 c26 2acetwolf94
I LOVE IT! What was the ritual for? ADD MORE PLEASE!
5/27 c26 APridefulSin
holy... it's been so long since I last read this that I will have to reread, which is no hassle at all, but I wasn't expecting that at the end. really well done!
5/27 c26 5annasfanfic
Its a good story and I enjoy it greatly!
5/27 c26 SilverRyu
YAY TO UR ALIVE! Just so happened to do a reread through when you updated. So glad you are OK and are doing well.
5/27 c26 DocCBM
Nice ritual
5/27 c26 Guest
I’m so happy you came back! Your story is the best portrayal of the Adams family that I have ever come across. I’m also happy to know that you are well! Keep up the good work! Thanks again!
5/27 c26 The Jabberwock of OZ
Oh boy has it been a hot lifetime.
It is great to see your work again; I do hope you are doing okay.
I think most people, ME, forget that The Addams Family movies from the 90's show a villainous family that have done what ever it is they set out to do and are just living their lives.

They do not have plans for world domination, Gomez has influence and power no other man in the world could comprehend.
They do not seek to destroy the world, the people of earth are already doing that for them.
They do not want senseless violence when they could plan out individual personalized victims.

Love your work
5/26 c26 vmage2
I'm so happy to see a new chapter. I just had to reread the story.
5/26 c26 tugsoo
i'm very happy to see you are well and came back. i've been waiting for so long for this to update.
5/26 c26 Sebine
the story is fine
the ritual was baller

this fic is fucking great
5/26 c25 Sebine
Millie x Pugsley
5/26 c26 Overide22
Please please please don’t you dare delete this story. It’s perfect as it’s written. Thanks for writing.
5/26 c26 Tic-Tic-Tock
I was really surprised and excited when I saw your story at the top of my alert list! I just had to reread the entire story to refresh my memory of the details and to keep myself in suspense for the newest chapter! And it was absolutely worth it, loved the new chapter and I really hope that you don't give up on your story, it's so unique and entertaining and I can't wait to see what you can come up with next!
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