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8/8 c2 juan40420
This is for towit there's been a hint through out the story of Harry using more and more dark arts that correlates with his shift of character along with the turning point of his death think about this we hardly get any concrete examples of Harry's thought process and at the event of his death it's not only implied that with him gone so does he but his entire people and culture go with him two. So unlike the war with voldy the fact magic itself lays on his shoulders especially after his friends and people tell him that point. This more or less strucks a lightning bolt to him to make a safe place for himself and future students hence him picking a sanctuary for magic and he sure has hell looked up in the mean time what happened to the Jedi and him outright saying that magic users would not be safe in republican hands. He dealt with greedy politicains before but now hes dealing with ones that don't have his power and through his interactions with them knows that demand a hand and leg. So the change of character is gradual since he's not just a teenager that knows nothing like in the books and films but man who failed once and let to the death of everyone he loved only to get hope of his culture coming back and it's not like he kept to back lines he's a veteran and one who has learned thought blood and death of what mistakes and trusting the wrong people can do.
7/30 c11 3tim
Letting her go without the binding contract is super dumb. like practically inviting conflict. Magic is too powerful in world where the only other user would be Harry..
7/14 c18 Guest
I hope to God that this isn't the end of this story. I've been enjoying it for years and the updates are always entertaining. Here's to hopefully more in the near future if you so choose.
7/1 c18 Chooser
I've greatly enjoyed this story. I particularly like the subtle and not-so-subtle indications that Harry's repeated use of dark magic may be having an impact on his psychology. I'm not sure where it's going, but I will bookmark it and check back every so often to find out. Here's hoping the recent update wasn't the first one in years.

While the Leia-Han pairing is classic, I'm surprisingly okay with Leia being interested in Harry. I'm not sure about their dynamic mind you. It feels a little off. Similarly, I'm not sure about his relationship with Mara either.

For a criticism, in this chapter you referenced him being in the galaxy for years but I didn't get much of a sense that time was really passing throughout the narrative. Obviously, it's mentioned when they needed to recharge their rune blocks that they stayed for a week in orbit of Hoth for example, but it's been so understated that it doesn't really feel like time's actually passed.

(And as a side-note, I think your rude reviewer Jack may've been referring to Aphra when he went off about a throw-away lesbian. I know she's a comic book character too.)
7/3 c18 marlastiano
good :)
6/26 c2 tsougrhs.59
one of the most boring stories ever
6/24 c18 guest
love the story and that you went with legends and not new canon

love what you do with mara
6/23 c18 ravi3072
really great read. i think this is the only second fic I have read which has mara jade (though you have yet to deliver promise of comparison to lily by Harry's dead friends).

comparable to another best star wars crossover i.e. havoc side of force, this has a mischievous Harry travelling around the verse.

Hope you keep writing the story forward. waiting for updates
6/18 c18 Guest
I really like your story!
6/18 c18 2jadesabrexiv
Let me be frank here (or susan if you want), but this chapter has forced me to use up the following supplies:
A good chunk of a roll of paper towels
About 1/4 an inch worth of glass cleaner
Some pet shampoo
Roughly 10 gallons of hotter than warm water
8 dog treats
9 band-aids
A cup of really good tea
Two loads worth of laundry detergent
Two loads worth of dryer sheets
A dose of headache meds

Yeah, that scene with the beach-ball Death Star induced a spit-take that coated my dogs in my Jasmine Tea. They were not happy nor was my girlfriend. She couldn’t complain since SHE was the one to open the balcony up for them to join me while I was reading.

Glad to see that you’re still stopping by to update this masterpiece of WTF-can-happen. The only true complaint I have about the story relates to the fact that you rarely have Harry use the Deathly Hallows. I swear having Sid brought back to taunt is something I can see your version of Harry doing.

Again, thanks for the reading material and I hope this made you smile a bit.
6/11 c18 ToWit
This story is bizarre in a lot of ways. I do think it's true to the source material in that it is entertaining rather than good. I think my biggest critique is that there are never any payoffs. Foreshadowing doesn't lead to anything. The plot is as meandering as the protagonist.

For example: Many story beats are spent on setting up Harry vs. Vader round 3, only for that to be thrown away seemingly on a whim to squeeze in a plot element from Episode VI. Vader is then summarily handled in two paragraphs a couple chapters later with a killing curse to the foot by Harry suddenly dual wielding wands. I would give points for subverting reader expectations by having Harry prepare for Vader only to have to fight unprepared for Palpatine instead, but that's barely touched on. Harry being killed just moments before doesn't really seem to have any effect other than giving Harry a long term goal which he seems fairly ambivalent about at points, but proceeds with nevertheless.

Which brings me to the point that Harry's characterization has been befuddling. At the onset he's a fish out of water. He's also dealing with immense grief, to the point where he nearly took his own life. And yet immediately afterwards Harry never thinks on his loss again, even as he's plundering the artifacts of his own people. He is concerned about Jade using magic for evil, but then shrugs and throws that point away and never looks back. He never ponders on the emotional states of his friends or loved ones. He rarely misses his long people except when a new character can briefly remind him of them. His morality has quickly slid from a do-gooder with a playful, independent streak to straight up 'the ends justify the means' ruthlessness with no real explanation or catalyst. He literally says this out loud (and never once reflects on Dumbledore's Greater Good, which is odd). He has no issue with murder, torture, invading people's minds, memory wipes, literal mind control (but somehow hates slavers and also wishes House Elves were still around). Luke and Leia even note this drastic change, but it comes to nothing. Harry literally gloats about it.

And he's never once faced with any consequences for any of this. There's no challenge to his power or ability whatsoever after the fight on Bespin. He's a literal bored godling traipsing around the universe doing as he likes with little thought to what or why or the fallout thereof. When Palpatine crushed his lumos maxima on the 2nd Death Star I thought you were finally putting a check on him if not a hard counter, with the Force able to manipulate magic. But nope, never touched on again like many other plot elements (Harry's survivor's guilt, the question of how there are other humans, Palpatine's final order to Jade, Harry killing Luke and Leia's father, the Nagai and Tof (which were somehow not mentioned at all during the Summit).

No other character has any real development whatsoever. They're stagnant NPCs that just provide Harry with his next quest (or conquest). Luke just gets rescued constantly. Han just gets shat on by everyone despite being almost entirely off screen for half the fic at this point. Leia creates some romantic tension for Harry initially, but then he moves on only to sleep with her a few chapters later. She's posed lately as a naïve idealist with a strong moral code, but has no issue fucking Harry and Jade, her ostensible enemies at the time. Jade morphed from a psycho, brain washed murderer into a ruthless but somehow competent empress (and friend with benefits to Harry, of course). You've lampshaded some of this, but there's too much to just waive away.

I think there's a lot of pieces for a good story in here, it's just pretty inconsistent that they're put together.

And by the by I think the 'throwaway lesbian' that Jack reviewer referred to was the droid chick who slept with one of the Witches on Dathomir, not Leia.
6/6 c18 gdszete2811
Wonderful chapter. I really like the end
6/3 c15 1Sanders7201
lol mara threw harry some pussy and he like fuck it go ahead and takeover a quarter of the galaxy. thats cool. lmao
5/25 c18 Guest
Thanks for the update, enjoying the story!
5/22 c18 Royaussie
So much fun. Thanks heaps
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