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11/4/2017 c1 Guest
Nutcracker and the Four Realms characters
. Pirlipat the Sugar Plum Fairy
Pirlipat is the ruler of Nachtisch, wife of Shiver the Snow King and the adoring mother of the Nutcracker prince. As the embodiment of all things sweet and lovely, Pirlipat is a warm, sweet and vibrant young lady, with a wicked sense of humor and delighted in anything ridiculous. Due to her 16 year age gap with her husband, she and Shiver had a December May romance that mirrors to her son and Clara's young blossoming romance. Although a benevolent and sensible monarch, many of her reckless actions are motivated to save her son from the clutches of the Mouse King. According to her bio, she met her husband when she was 18 and married him a year later. Pirlipat is described as a goddess like beauty, with ' strawberry gold curls, huge ocean eyes, dollish loveliness and red lips,' and dresses in similar style of Marie Antoinette
. Shiver the Snow King
Shiver was Pirlipat's seemingly cold yet highly intelligent husband, and the Ruler of the Winter Kingdom. At first Clara did not understand how come the ' most abdominable man can be the wife of th sweetest lady in the universe', and Schelkunik the Nutcracker prince often comments about his tough relationship with his father. But it turns that underneath his cold and proud exterior was a beautiful heart of gold. When Clara asks Pirlipat how did she fall in love with her husband, her response is ' Well, it was very simple. It was all looks, the smiles, a simple dance...' ' Oh how wonderful!' Clara exclaimed ' How simple it is- all looks and smiles.' In Shiver's earlier diaries, young Pirlipat looks ' as fresh and pure as the summer glace...with all the grace in the world.' As a mother of a teenage prince, Pirlipat is still beautiful, just in her late 30s. Shiver has long white hair, cold eyes and white complexion
. Schelkunik the Nutcracker Prince
Pirlipat and Shiver's cherished 17 year only son. As the crown prince, Schelkunik can exhibit a spoiled and closed off personality- like his father in his youth. But in reality, he is one of the sweetest people ever met. Playful, childlike and eccentric, Schelkunik is a carefree, extravagant to Clara's prudent and sensible personality. Due to his tough relationship with his father, Schelkunik can get cynical about things. Clara is the source of reason in his young thinking. Schelkunik has his uncle Hawthorn's black hair and tan skin, and also his mother's ocean blue eyes. His elaborate robes are made of a hybrid blend of candy ornaments and glacial diamonds.
. Clara Stahlbaum
Clara is the youngest child of a well off family in Berlin. Her father- Henry Sthalbaum- runs a candy and toy factory. Her mother runs a fashion line. Her older siblings are all grown up and engaged/married and she was barely 16. Always feeling there is life outside marriage, Clara's passionate and curious nature led her to one adventure after another, falling in love and juggling being new to the adult world. As the novel was set in Regency Germany, Clara was based on Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet ( mainly played by Kiera Knightley ). Clara was a firm believer in fairytales, yet she tends to judge people too quickly. Another thing is that Clara loves reading and pretty dresses. Clara is a striking burnette with brown hair and large brown eyes that ' seemed to sparkle a wicked twinkle whenever she spoke of anything humorous.'
. Hawthorn the Flower King
Hawthorn is Shiver's comical younger brother and the Ruler of Spring Realm. In his youth, he has a crush on Pirlipat. But let go and fell in love with Transperenze the Dewdrop Fairy instead. Hawthorn was spring personified- happy, loud and party loving, Hawthorn and Shiver had a longstanding vitriolic brotherly relationship stemming from childhood. According to their bio, their age gap was 9 years.
. Transperenze the Dewdrop Fairy
Transperenze was Pirlipat's longtime handmaid and the Queen of the Spring Realm. Lively, witty and sweet, Transperenze is 10 years younger than her husband and tends to see things in a rosy colored view. Transperenze was the Cassandra as she was the one who sheds true colors to other characters.
10/27/2016 c1 Guest
Pirlipat the Sugar Plum Queen
Character Bio: Pirlipat is the younger sister of the Tatiana the Snow Queen and the fiancé of Count Napoleon. The ruler of Nachticsch since her father's death, she is also hurtled into a love- lust triangle of the Mouse King, the cavalier and herself. while the Mouse King only wanted her kingdom and only lusts for her, the Cavalier is her one true love, and will do anything for the Queen. Pirlipat is seen to be a motherly figure to Clara and became her mentor throughout the movie, just as Mirana the White Queen became Alice Kingsleigh's mentor.
Appearance: Pirlipat is a supremely stunningly beautiful young lady, with marble white skin, flirtatious grey eyes, which are heavily mascaraed, platinum blonde hair in waves and dark red lips. She is noted to be the most beautiful lady of all in that magical land.
Persoanlity summary: Pirlipat is described as the Marie Antoinette of the time, and the Iltiamte Fashion diva. She is known to be a bit of a drama queen, and is the uultaimte leader , and a fantatstic one. But beneath erh rather chid;ike and jpyful nature is strong corugeos pure heart of gold, and a down to earth nature which endeared to the hearts of many. she is also said to be a nonsneosne, extremely eloquent woman underneath her confectionery exterior and nver afraid to speak out her mind
Powers and abilities: Aside from sorcery and flight, she has the power of empathy, psionic powers, wish granting and telekinesis. She is also a phenomenal ballerina, chess player and an excellent potions master and pattiserie, shown when she can concot potions and magical delectable treats. she is also knwont to be the inventor of many newely, inoavtive and sparkling dessert treats, the ultimate Haute Cotuure Ruler, and a role model for girls.

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