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9/4 c9 chriskirkup67
when are you going to do chapter 18 of the crimson speedster
8/18 c17 Guest
More please
8/20 c17 Badger12
This is just a tremendous story you’ve done an amazing job of making naruto different than Barry while also not taking away anything from Barry. Really looking forward to naruto going back to SPN world and especially looking forward to the legends part. I’m very glad Sara is apart of the pairing out of everyone her personality I think fits and benefits being with naruto the best and I was never the biggest fan I the Ava pairing so it’s nice to see something different with her for once
8/19 c17 Aehopexoh
Took me a while to read i like it more long chapters plz
8/15 c14 Guest
I’m loving this story read every chapter if you go back into the multiverse traveling hood you do resident evil video game remake (but with Ada won’t from past games don’t like her new game model and actor not as sassy or swave from me) world can you imagine Naruto Barry Cisco and Ronnie there freaking out lol also for harem members add some more girls not a lot but some from other worlds also I like Binary as lines hero name cause it’s different from her doppelgänger it references Naruto’s nickname North Star for her cause her powers are like a binary star and it’s a marvel reference to captain marvels binary form so yeah hope you update soon can’t wait for next chapter or more updated stories later man.
8/16 c13 3AspiringAuthor236
goddamn. wtf is this wish fufillment ass chapter. this story is sorta fufillmenty but vibranium/valyrian steel katana. WTF bruh like seriously. Are you 12?
8/14 c17 Guest
will narutos time with the legends be a separate story
8/13 c17 Guest
More please
8/10 c12 DD
I just realised that earth 2 is gonna get destroyed
8/7 c17 2ElementalDrift
Dear choejhulkp9,
I first would like to say that you are a great writer, and I truly love your work. It's what inspired me to start writing my own fanfiction. However there is a problem that I need to discuss with you before it's too late. You are planning for naruto and linda to have multiple pairings, but I would like for you to remove Lena Luthor. I know that you care for this but 5 people in a relationship is a little too much. It would make naruto look a little like a playboy. I thought of lena because I honestly think kara should be in a relationship. Although I'm not sure about Sara either. Her relationship with ava is amazing and I'm not sure if you should undo 5 years of their love life. You even said that you ship avalance so you know what I'm talking about. So I implore you to please remove atleast one of those two from this 5 person harem. Please tell me what you think soon.

Sincerely, Elementaldrift.

P.S. I would like for you to check out my story Golden rogue. It's about Lisa snart in the would really like to know what I could do to make the story better.
8/6 c2 WyvernBLZRD
Great chapter. It is a good idea to limit the addition of naruto characters as it would probably take away from the overall story of naruto being a speedster
7/31 c17 Sakra95
Did he tell them about the alternative earths he traveled to? There seems to be no reaction to it.
7/31 c17 LightninXX
Finally got around to finish reading this. Nice update. Can't wait for Legends team up. I guess Legion of Doom will include Akatsuki? Also been awhile since you mention them too, wondering if Naruto has been doing research on them.
7/29 c17 niideadequenombremecoloco
What an amazing chapter you went straight to the point and didn’t extend the fight unnecessarily. Some great bonding moments now that the team is back together and with no threat of Zoom.
Now I wonder if the next big threat will be the Nine or no? Luckily with Naruto’s training I don’t think that there are many people who could challenge him, but it is better to not be arrogant in this matter.
Also I hope to see a reunion between Naruto and the Arrow team, one that hopefully isn’t caused because of Laurel's funeral. Maybe he can save her and that could be a start for his relationship with Sara. but the same could be said if Laurel were to die. I just hope that the worst outcome doesn't happen.
Keep up the amazing work and until the next update
7/28 c1 Tomahawk5763
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