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for Anachronistic Drift

3/31 c8 1iqbal41
i wokld do anything for an update, please
3/28 c8 Guest
Please update! Really really love this story!
3/10 c1 schaeferkristin06
pls continue! I miss this story.
2/26 c8 8Let Me BeLazy
This fic is quite great. Please continue.
1/21 c7 kazuyaryo
I hope you can continue that story someday.
1/20 c8 bluebird111
2024 and still waiting for an update *patiently*
12/12/2023 c8 Espied7
I love how well this story is thought out. It's very fun to read. Thanks for sharing!
10/23/2023 c8 JellyBeansxyz
I love this fic omg
10/12/2023 c8 FanArtistchy
Still waiting T_T
9/24/2023 c8 37needsmoresleepw
Omggg rereading this was such a joy! I love this and maybe I'm hoping for a miracle
9/5/2023 c8 kazuyaryo
That story was amazing I hope you can continue some day︎.
8/25/2023 c1 Girness
I think I've read this about 4 or 5 times throughout the years. I hope you come back to this. This is really well written and I feel so committed to the story.
8/24/2023 c8 Bre
This was good, the bouncing around the timeline was done in a way that not only works but actually flows fairly well. It's also incredibly intriguing. By combining both perspective and time jumping you've managed to give insight in a more gradual pace without slowing the progression of the story itself. You're a good writer. I'm going to bookmark this despite having little to no hope it will be continued considering the more than two year gap in updates, that's how well thought out and written your story is.
8/23/2023 c8 IUseThisAccountToRead
This story is so well done! The time travel concept is so fleshed out, and the fact that the chapters jump around the timeline rather than staying chronological is so much more creative and engaging. I would love it if you would keep writing this, you have a real skill.
7/18/2023 c8 Kamisama97
Este es uno de los mejores fanfics que he leído. Y no exagero al decirlo. Normalmente no me gusta leer sobre otros personajes secundarios en los fanfics. Pero lograste que disfrutara leer sobre personajes secundarios como Kimimaro y Juugo. Hasta quise seguir leyendo sobre su curación y su viaje a Konoha. Me encanta como escribís.
Ojalá sigas y logres terminar esta hermosa historia. Esperaré con ansias el próximo capítulo.
Quiero que sepas que me alegraste el día y no pude irme a dormir hasta terminar de leer todo.
Thanks for write
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