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10/26/2019 c1 KiritowithDestiny
I love your work just to let you and i'm am so very glad I found your work to read. You should give yourself so more credit about being a great writer because so far out of all fic's I have read yours are the only one to make me laugh. Keep up the amazing job out there

Peace from your friend
4/26/2018 c6 21C. Rinkuki Takato
Actually, Asuna.. No, they couldn't leave, even if they want to. This isn't mentioned in the anime, but Kirito did try to logout, but he couldn't even summon the menu because Oberon disabled it. That cleared out the bit why he didn't logout, and I'm assuming why he didn't use spells is either that or he completely forgot about them -_-"
Just want to get that out of my head.
4/26/2018 c2 C. Rinkuki Takato
I always find ALO more fun than SAO to be honest... Could be my non-human preference talking.
12/16/2016 c10 Guest
i Heard a.
1/17/2016 c1 Shade Seeker
I kind of feel like it was better when Leafa and Kirito didn't know each other, more interesting that way. Though now it is a bit more understandable for her to be going off with them from an outsiders perspective.
1/13/2016 c4 Konno Yuuki
... Wait... didn't Kirito take the shortcut through Jotunheim?
1/13/2016 c2 Konno Yuuki
Hey! Greek? I thought it was Norse? Hey, I don't just work on sword skill development!
1/4/2016 c7 49bankerrtx01
Is the humans are stupid line a refrain ex to SAOabridge
1/2/2016 c12 Guest
1/2/2016 c11 Guest
They were fierce!
1/2/2016 c10 Guest
That agent needs to stop!
1/2/2016 c9 Guest
I really like this chapter!
1/2/2016 c8 Guest
Kirito is so cute!
1/2/2016 c7 Guest
1/2/2016 c6 Guest
So wonderful!
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