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for The Snake Within

3/29/2021 c11 Nada
I really enjoy these chapters, but could you plz correct your grammar
7/3/2018 c7 Kittylove3120
Hah! Omg the snake sounds so much like Yami from YuGiOh season 0! Awesome!3
1/18/2018 c10 1FoxWithTwoTails
can't wait for the next srry I didn't read right away I was busy with stuff and never found the time but here I am also just gonna mention that I feel the subtle things are what make storys the best such as smile thing also just wanted to me tin to possibly if u get the chance check over your work because they are a few minor errors it doesn't make the story unreadable though so don't worry to much
thanks for the read in advance for when this ends because I know I'll be here till then
9/12/2017 c9 3JadedStardust02
I really like where this is going and can't wait to find or what the snake is doing and when the students will notice when the snake takes control or when he takes control I can't wait for the next chapter and hope you update soon keep up the amazing wor! X-D
6/26/2017 c8 6mc arno
super fanfiction j'ai hâte de lire la suite sur ceux je te dis à la prochaine!
12/23/2016 c1 BlankCanvas624
The story is awesome but the grammar...
7/2/2016 c7 34ForgivenL
You had so many grammar and spelling errors in this chapter... It's a good story but painful to read
7/1/2016 c7 poppykiller
Not Karma! Take Kyano or something...
5/31/2016 c6 zombiekins5948
Please make more updates I hope nagisa do something awesome
5/31/2016 c6 TheCardKing
5/13/2016 c6 2yourlilimaxilove
Alright, Ive a request: In the next chapter how about the Snake pretend he's actually Nagisa? And he calls himself Nagisa as well.

Like, I've never seen someone do that before. Because it's always "I'm not Nagisa, I'm -" or "Nagisa asked me to -" or "I'm doing this for Nagisa". Or something like that.

So please! I'm begging you! Please make it so that he tries his best to pretend that he himself is Nagisa and Nagisa plays along.
5/7/2016 c6 Guest
this is getting interesting XD
5/7/2016 c6 poppykiller
Can't help but wonder if Karma has a devil with him like how Nagisa has the snake...
4/17/2016 c4 1Anglelover1827
Never tust a fuckin snake. Nya
4/17/2016 c5 1Nagikae
Nice story! Although I feel like something is missing: For just having lost his mother, even when hating her, Nagisa seems a little too calm, I think.

(Please don't take any criticism from me as an offense, just trying to help :D)
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