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12/28/2015 c2 NerdyNightStocker
Seeing MacArthur and Sanders included in this story (as a couple surprisingly) and being competent at their jobs was refreshing! I loved the misunderstanding with the break-in and DST! At least Jo won't be the only female keeping up with and surpassing the big boys at the gym now! The idea of Jo and Lightning dating honestly wouldn't be an absurd one... They're a pair that could challenge each other to be their best while respecting each other's ambitions! I enjoyed reading a new fic for the couple!
12/28/2015 c1 NerdyNightStocker
I haven't read a Joning story in a while...

You do have a knack for writing Jo and Lightning. I can imagine her being underestimated at the gym due to her gender even if it's not intentionally insulting (as the case was with Tyler). But Jo has shown that she can pull her own weight if need be. Her friendship with Brick and his mentioned relationship with Dawn were a joy bit the highlight was Jo's exchange with Lightning. His mental ineptitude and ambitions made him hilarious and I like how Jo actually wants to help improve his fitness routine just so he can provide better competition for her. Overall this was pretty fun!
12/26/2015 c2 7xdfxv
Omg this was perfect! Sorry for not reading it sooner, both in not getting this a review, and I really regret not enjoying this earlier! The second I saw MacSanders added in I got excited and those two did not disappoint! The impulse control got me laughing, I'll admit xD

But omg this was such a good ending chapter! Thank you so much Joos, I've adored everything you wrote this SS. I just...oh my gosh. I love it
12/25/2015 c2 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Heh, this was pretty cool, specially how you got MacArthur and Sanders here.

keep the good writing.
12/22/2015 c1 acosta perez jose ramiro
Well, this is a very good start.

keep the good writing.
12/20/2015 c1 7xdfxv
Oh. My. GOD!

I haven't read Joning in forever (mostly due to just not being in the TD fandom for awhile lol), but what a fic! Thank you so much Joos omg!

Okay, where to even begin? The Tyler cameo was great, having Brick be part of the group (I caught the Brawn mention and loved it omg), and let me tell you I do love Jock as a BroTP, and you did it nicely. And gosh, no wonder people rave about your Lightning skills, you write him so well! Jo too! I love how you write her, and their interactions.

Needless to say, I really love this. I cannot wait for Part Two. Thank you again, so much!

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