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1/5 c44 Dr1zzy
Great story
9/12/2020 c44 Happy Gillmore
Great story. Really enjoyed reading it.
8/20/2020 c44 Princess Me 21
Truly wonderful story. Thanks for finishing it.
7/30/2020 c44 Patti Catt
Thanks so much. loved the story.
7/30/2020 c44 allesandra 69
Great story.
7/27/2020 c43 d898
This review was mine...I just forgot to do the login!

Dear Beatrix,
how are you doing? Thank you for this new chapter, I was looking forward to read the wedding part. I would have loved to see something like this in the show...I believe everyone would have though.
A wedding in Prague doesn't come as a surprise to me heheh - since they re-met there, so I am happy with this choice.
I thought Senior would have said/done something funny/inappropriate (as usual) but I can see he behaved good, for once ;-)
Ah and the necklace, so cute from Orli's side, that was a real surprise.
As for the wedding dress I must be honest: I pay attention just to the bride's one, I don't really care to what the groom is wearing. So thank you for the indication on Google.
I know you wrote the last chapter, I read your final comment, even though I haven't finished the hisory, as I want to have the suspence for a while and I don't really want this story to end.
I really loved it, every chapter of it, as it had a bit of everything: love, fun, passion, family, trust, Czech/Israeli/Ameriacan culture...
If you will write another one, I guess we will all be glad to read it and review it.
So the only thing I' gonna say right now is: my hat off to you - big big bravo! )
and hopefully to the next adventure!
7/26/2020 c1 Guest
This has been a great story and I'm see it come to an end. My only comment concerning accuracy is that in the US you can't skip your Bachelors degree and go straight for a Master's. The BA would be a prerequisite. It takes about 4 years to earn a BA and then usually another 2-3 years for a Master's. It's possible but highly unlikely that she could pull off 2 degrees while having 2 babies in that amount of time.
7/26/2020 c44 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
Thank you so much for the dedication if the story. Anhyway, it's was an amazing ending on a amazing story. But as much as I love the story this review will have to do with your Author's Note, You know I have a special request from my readers not commenting my Author's Note on reviews but i will have to break my own rule for now. I completely understand you why you decided to devote in Relo. I completely agree with you about season 17 plotline for Ziva. It's the reason Familiar Faces are on Hiatus and I focus on Clois (Clark and Lois) i have to admit that out Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman gave me a new prospective on writing and a way to takr a break from heartbreaking for plotlines for TIVA shippers. Thank you again for the story. Love ya...
7/25/2020 c44 JamaicanTIVAlover
Oh what a beautiful ending. I love that we get to see Ziva graduate. Can't say that you didn't surprise me with the second kid there. Lol. I was expecting somewhere down in the fic Ziva revealing that she was pregnant. But I love Timmy being there already. And the nod to McGee with the name. :)
You said the yatch would return and it did. Love the family spending the weekend by themselves on it.

This chapter and the one before, is the perfect way to end this Tiva fic. I can't believe it has ended but it has run it's coarse and all good things must come to an end. ;-( ... Though this last chapter is set up perfect for a sequel. Them and their kids. ;-) But I respect your wishes. I also share some sentiments with you regarding the show. As I have shared before I stopped watching after Ziva left and couldn't bare to see Tony without her. And only returned to watched Tony's last episode. Then S17 giving us nothing Tiva onscreen. Just Ziva returning which somethings make no sense. It hurts! ;-(

Anyways, thanks for the shout out. And I look forward to whatever Tiva related stuff you'll put out, as I only read Tiva fanfics. :) All the best and stay safe too. :)
7/24/2020 c43 JamaicanTIVAlover
Love the wedding. Love that they went back to where they were reunited, to get married. :)
Learn a lot from this chapter too. Thanks. Google the dress and it really is beautiful. 3
7/24/2020 c44 Safara Bellamy
Thank you for such a wonderful story, I enjoyed reading it over the years. It was the highlight of my day, I was enthralled by all the details you put towards Tony and Ziva’s relationship and their personal development .I am sad that it has ended. I do love they got their happy ending, and I look forward to reading your next story.
7/23/2020 c44 Guest
No it didn't disappoint, loved the ending, thankyou
7/20/2020 c44 17DS2010
Loved the Happy ending for Tony and Ziva. Thank you for the adventure until the next one
7/20/2020 c44 jdeasselin
Oh my goodness Beatrix...the final end of this most beautiful story ... I have been reading it from the start.. And I have loved it so so much... Some chapters more than others ...
Over this long time I have sent you comments and you have kindly answered me...not every chapter but I can not tell you how thrilled I have always been to see a new Chapter in my emails.
This chapter has tied their story up with a nice fancy loving bow and I could not be more pleased at how it ended ...you have spoken very well for me over the actual show ... I left it long ago - the very moment Ziva left I could not bear to see Tony without her...I think a lot of TIVA fans knew it was a bitter end to the show for them...
OH the yacht ! I remember their first visit ..ohhh I blush to even think about it ... I loved so many parts of this on-going story it would be impossible for me to pick a favourite chapter ... But rest assured that when I need to - I can slip back to when they met by accident that CHRISTMAS holiday week and re-read how they ended up married with 2 lovely children and living happily ever after ...a beautiful beautiful story !
I thank you so so much for this . So much praise should be given to you for this but I am overly emotional that it has ended so all I can say to you lovely girl at this time is WELL DONE you...
Sending you a grateful, thankful long distance hug from Canada...
7/20/2020 c44 Debbie
Beautiful ending to this story. I am going to miss your stories so much. You have written wonderful Tiva stories. Hopefully we will meet up again min the future. I will be getting in touch with you to bring you to update about everything. Have a great summer.
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