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5/27/2018 c27 BertAndTiva
again I am too lazy to log in but girrrll finally he talked with Gibbs, I'm so glad for this.
I understand his panic attack knowing Ziva's streak of escapes, but I think it hurt Ziva to see him doubt her. overall excellent read as always, and the Poe quote just finished it *heart eyes*
5/24/2018 c27 Debbie
So happy Tony had The Talk with Gibbs. I think Gibbs could be a little jealous that Tony and the team could function without him. Gibbs should be proud and happy they were able to do it because that's how he taught them. I remember Jenny even told Gibbs how Tony kept the team together during the rough times after he left for Mexico and Gibbs just brushed it off. He doesn't share the spotlight well at all. Like how you explained what Ziva meant by "you are not Gibbs". That was perfect.
5/23/2018 c1 25NCIS Obsession
The fact that I immediately said "Jan Hus" right after the words "Bohemian Reformation" appeared just proves that I was meant to be a History Major. Called it! Obviously I'm loving the history.
5/23/2018 c1 NCIS Obsession
Haven't even read the story yet, but Prague is lovely. Only been there once but I'm sure I could find my favorite trdelnik stand right next to Charles Bridge with my eyes closed.
5/22/2018 c27 Guest

But isn’t that red hoodie of Gibbs a Marine Corp one, not Navy?
5/22/2018 c27 1EowynGoldberry
I thought it was good.
5/22/2018 c27 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
My first observation on that chapter; Tony can't have a spare key from Gibbs' house because Gibbs' door is always unlock for everyone. It was a very very pleasant surprise to see Tony standing up to Gibbs about Ziva. It was about damn time. I know that you don't like bashing but I expected Tony to chew Gibbs out more than ZIva. I felt kinda disappointed on that part but I understand your point of view. I didn’t expect that selfish bastard named Gibbs will share the leadership with Tony. i really want to see how this will develop. Tony was afraid of that Ziva left again. It’s normal for to feel that way but at the same time he should know that this will never happen again. Ziva is emotionally ready for whatever happened between them in the future. "You are not Gibbs" Well i always believed that Ziva on the show meant exactly what we both have written on our stories. Gibbs has his own abilities as an Agent and Team Leader and other ones Tony. i'm just glad that Ziva made that clear even after such a long time. thank you for updating and don't worry; the idea was amazing and so excecution. thank you again so so much.
5/22/2018 c27 carlota206
I felt the beginning of the season 13 that something was badly resolved between them, the series did not fully develop this. this chapter was totally within the spirit of the characters and if you think about it, the reasons for the Gibbs actions that you wrote are plausible. Tony's fears toward Ziva are still there but they are moving forward. good chapter
5/21/2018 c27 17DS2010
Finally Gibbs admitted why he did it. I am glad they talked it out and Tony didn't let him shut him down or change the subject.
Good that Tony only needed Ziva to let him know he should accept a new team as team lead.
5/21/2018 c27 Aqua Rules
Awesome! Love it! That Tony and Gibbs talk was so canon too haha. :D
5/21/2018 c27 189misspatchesmom
Loving this story and the beginning of the resolution between Gibbs and Tony is perfect. Just a minor point, Gibbs would be wearing a red US Marines hoodie, not Navy.
5/14/2018 c26 Kangajo
Loved it. Thank you.
4/21/2018 c26 Debbie
Great chapter you caught their personalities perfectly. I knew McGee would listen to Ziva first before he made any judgement of Ziva's actions in the past and how things would work out for her and Tony for their future together. Abby will always be Abby. I hope the emails will change her attitude about everything. Glad Ducky was so very welcoming to Ziva and just love Jimmy he is so sweet. Looking forward to the next chapter. Glad you are feeling better.
4/21/2018 c26 sassymariska
I really loved this chapter. I am excited for what’s next.
4/18/2018 c26 JamaicanTIVAlover
Ok, so after my excitement at a new chapter, my reading was delayed by a family emergency.
Anyways that was a very good chapter! You wrote Abby EXACTLY how she would behave on the show if this would've happened and Tim exactly how he would. Tim was/is always such an understanding sympathetic person. Always first to forgive and have that soft spot for Ziva. While Abby is just a damn big whiney baby!
OMG I love that three musketeers banter! I miss them. Exactly how I expected it to be if it was a scene on the show. :) And Bishop getting a peek at Musketeers at there best! :)
I didn't expected Ducky to be so understanding but I was glad she didn't have to be explaining her decision to anyone else. Glad that's done with. Although there's still Abby! Ugh! Lol

Anyways, I am really happy that you are feeling better. Doesn't matter if the chapter is late, taking care of your health comes first. :) Thanks again for the update!
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