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7/20/2020 c44 1EowynGoldberry
I enjoyed your story:)
7/2/2020 c43 Guest
Oh I love this story, have read it before but glad I saved it to read the update,
I walked over the Charles Bridge with them, the little huts, all be it was Easter time when I visited, the amazing clock just how u described it, walked through the castle and cobbled St's, felt like I was transported back, can't wait for the "epilogue", was truly a magical story
6/25/2020 c43 Forget-Me-Nott
Great chapter, thanks lots.
6/25/2020 c42 Forget-Me-Nott
Awesomeness. Thank you.
6/25/2020 c41 Forget-Me-Nott
Excellent storytelling.
6/23/2020 c43 Patti Catt
Great story.
6/21/2020 c43 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
amazing chapter as always. i adore the good Orli love the fact that Ziva and Orli are in good terms. There are so many stories where Orli is villain the one she always wanted Ziva's harm while her only mistake was... to fall in love. I loved the ceremony. I have to say that you have written the perfect TIVA in my opinion. Thank you so much for this amazing although there is one more chapter
6/18/2020 c43 Debbie
Love the wedding. Glad you had them go back to Prague it was perfect. Thank you for explaining everything. I am sorry this story will be ending soon. Looking forward to the next chapter.
6/16/2020 c43 1EowynGoldberry
I enjoyed their wedding. Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, still enjoying your story. I hope you are well too. I had thought about visiting Prague this year but that is not going to happen yet...Maybe in a couple years.
6/15/2020 c43 17DS2010
Loved the wedding. Glad you touched on religion and the wedding that is always an issue for interfaith weddings. My brother and his wife were married by a priest and a reformed rabbi in a mixed ceremony. Was beautiful. I loved Ziva and Tony's wedding and the party after with all the traditions of Czech's I love integrating other countries traditions where you can.
Thanks for all the explanations at the end too.
6/6/2020 c42 Princess Me 21
Good chapter. Thanks so much, anxiously awaiting the final installments.
5/28/2020 c42 carlota.1991
Very hot but at the same time full of vulnerability and feeling, which is not easy to achieve.
Well done.
I really enjoyed it.
5/16/2020 c42 Annabelle Poe
great chapter, thanks for updating.
5/16/2020 c42 JamaicanTIVAlover
Ooh. That was hot. Lol. I like Ziva encouraging Tony in the beginning regarding his team selection.
I just knew one of them fantasy would involved the elevator or the men's restroom. Lol. Those were quite the fantasy & love them both. :)

Thanks for another update. I am really going to miss this story. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)
5/14/2020 c42 Happy Gillmore
Thrilled to see an update. I loved it.
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