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for Christmas Meeting

12/24/2019 c39 1Celestrial Moon
Thank the heavens the wedding is on! What a wonderful Christmas gift you gave us. BRAVO! They are stronger together than apart. TIVA4EVER.
12/24/2019 c39 Debbie
Beautiful done. Thank you for your Christmas present with this chapter. Now l am off to answer a letter l just received.
12/23/2019 c39 Guest
Thank you for this wonderful Christmas gift. I love every word of it. Merry Christmas!
12/23/2019 c39 ctc
12/23/2019 c39 17DS2010
Happy they worked it all out.
Seeing Star Wars this weekend can't wait
12/23/2019 c39 jdeasselin
Well, here it is - the day before Christmas Eve - and you came thru with your promise of a little happiness for our couple...and in such a wonderful way. What a lovely timely Christmas gift you gave us all with this Chapter. Well thought out - well written - Thank you - you made my whole evening.
For all her secret life - Ziva just can not keep the truth from Gibbs can she ? And she has the ring already around her neck...sweet surprise. I really love how Tony loves and forgives and understands Ziva. And in turn - how she loves him so much. I knew he would be happy about the baby.
And honestly Tony could not have chosen any better words to ask Ziva to marry him.
I think I will go and read this again...Awwwwwwwwww.
12/23/2019 c39 Dr1zzy
Merry Christmas! Thx for the update ! Good ch
12/23/2019 c39 Ciara Rain
Great chapter. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
12/12/2019 c38 JamaicanTIVAlover
Finally got around to reading this. This chapter was so bittersweet. The demons in Ziva's head decided to take over.
I was so happy for Tony when he was preparing the room for the proposal. Then bam, everything turned sour! ;-(
Can't wait for the next chapter to see how Ziva take the news of Tony being shot!

Thanks for the update. :)
12/7/2019 c8 7hotfictionfan
Phew. Heavy stuff!
12/7/2019 c3 hotfictionfan
A lot of walking, eh.. *cough*
12/7/2019 c2 hotfictionfan
"..They parted with a kiss.. never thought it would come to this.." :-)
12/4/2019 c38 Kangajo
No...you can't stop there! Please write the next chapter soon! :)
11/25/2019 c38 Debbie
Wow my heart is in my throat. Those two always have the worst timing. I can’t wait to see how this is going to work out for them. I am trusting you to work this out for the two of them. Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/19/2019 c38 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
first of all do not thank me. It was my pleasure to give you ideas so you will develop your story. As for your chapter well, i knew it wouldn't be easy for Tony to think a special way to propose Ziva. He would defenately though have never done a proposal similar when he had asked to Wendy to marry. so i understand his concern. Ziva's pregnancy...hmm i really understand her fear for her high-risk pregnancy but really? not tell Tony that she was pregnant and refuse Tony's proposal the way she did? And where in the Hell she stayed overnight? No wonder why Tony reacted so impulsively on the hostage situation. I just don't hope it will not be too late for Ziva to understand her mistake
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