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11/18/2019 c38 17DS2010
Sigh Tony worked so hard to make the proposal special and Ziva thought he did it because of Abby. Then she leaves. I get why Tony was upset.
Then to get shot poor guy, if he survives this Ziva might just kill him
11/18/2019 c38 1Celestrial Moon
Hey we appreciate all the writing you have done and understand work and life come first. It was a cliffhanger for sure! Pregnancy can sure mess up a woman's thinking and feeling. Ziva not telling Tony about the baby reminds me of what Gary Glasburg did in Tony's last episode. I really did not like how they did that. I really hated that Orli said "You know how independent Ziva was, she did not need a man.". After the more evolving they did when Ziva left...I would have thought she would have come out and told him then and there not running off. Looking to see how it will work out.
11/18/2019 c38 ctc
11/16/2019 c1 Beatrix.acs

It actually makes me sad that I have to write this and defend myself. But here I am - just because I haven't updated in three months doesn't mean I left this story incomplete. Actually, update is in works, most likely this Monday. Readers who are with me for a long time KNOW that I may take some longer break but I ALWAYS return back to them and post the new chapter. I don't leave stories unfinished - unless something happens to me.

I have nothing but utmost respect to my readers. They know they if the write me a review or a PM, I always write them back with thank you or I'll answer their questions. Writing me, then, that I don't respect my readers is very hurtful. Same for playing with emotions of people and disappear without any regard to those who followed the story for four years… Like I said - I am always here and always a PM, away. I have tumblr where people can contact me. It's not hard to get in touch with me to know what is happening.
Because - I am not a robot. I don't spit out a 10,000 word chapters a day. I have a personal life. I work. I have a household to take care of. And I have to often dedicate my free time to those things. Writing is just a hobby because I'm not a professional writer. For the past three months, I had the time to write like three or four days because life needed from me to do something else. One of those things was to heal my injured ankle that hurt me so much I couldn't write at all.
What a fanfiction writer expects is mutual respect. I do respect my readers. And I would love to if readers respected me and my duties and wouldn't accuse me of those things you did just because I am behind me announced schedule for updating. Only thing you had to was ask nicely.

Next time, please do consider that writers are human beings with normal lives and they don't sit all day long at home, writing fanfiction. Some of them, maybe, but not all of them. Life gets in the way more often than you probably think. Be respectful to them, you never know what they are going through in their real lives and such words you just said might actually block the writer forever.

That being said, I am working on my update and even if my Beta won't send the edited the chapter to me, I will post it on Monday 18.11.2019. Thank you for listening.

11/15/2019 c1 Mayt3
Veo con tristeza que han pasado más de tres meses de tu ultima actualización y empiezo a pensar que éste fanfiction es uno más que queda incompleto sin el menor respecto a los lectores que lo han seguido a lo largo de casi 4 años que fue cuando empezaste a escribirlo, es que verdaderamente se puede jugar con las emociones de la gente y sin el menor respeto desaparecer sin que les importe la gente que los han seguido y animado con sus comentarios por tanto tiempo?
9/7/2019 c37 Guest
So happy They are expecting. Your writing is amazing! I always look forward to your updates!
9/5/2019 c37 Guest
I’m obsessed. This is great and relevant. Update soon pls
9/3/2019 c37 4BertAndTiva
yupp this is definitely a cliffhanger! and you just left on vacation omfg are you trying to kill me?! evil genius. the PPF reference had me nearly in tears thank you very much, could i get a link for the ring you saw pretty please?
9/1/2019 c37 Debbie
Great chapter as always. Love the ring you had him picked. It is prefect for them. Enjoy your vacation you deserve it. Looking forward to the new chapter.
8/30/2019 c37 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
First of all. I really don't know how i will survive all this info about Ziva's return on September. Adam's return the lack of mention Tony on the promo. i'm afraid of the worst although i had hopes at the beginning. Now about the chapter. Ziva is Pregnant... Oh yes... I really don't understand why Ziva has freaked out about the pregnacy. Carrying the child of the man you love the most is a blessing. She shoukd have been the happiest woman in the Earth. The Past Present Future ring just amazing... The moment i saw it i told you to go for it. I'm glad you did. "He didn't want to chain Ziva to him with a ring and a promise of a marriage" when i read that line for some reason i remembered Ray's empty ring box that gave to Ziva. Damn both are bad liars but there are so focused to hide their secrets that they can't understand that they lying to each other. Thank you for this chapter although i don't know how i will continue to support this ship.
8/27/2019 c37 Forget-Me-Nott
Fabulous chapter
8/26/2019 c37 17DS2010
Love the ring Tony got and so happy for Ziva can't wait for Tony's reaction.
Ellie and Abby had happy reactions to the news. :)
Yup that baby will be a little prince or princess.
8/26/2019 c37 1EowynGoldberry
I enjoyed the chapter. Hope you have a good trip.
7/18/2019 c36 Xhex1
This story is amazing. I love the fact that its not life or death serious the whole time or ridiculously funny. I hope you update soon. I am looking forward to seeing if there will be a little tiny or baby ziva
7/11/2019 c36 Forget-Me-Nott
Great story
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