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7/4/2019 c36 Jenna Tatum
This was great. Thanks you for updating.
7/4/2019 c36 4BertAndTiva
THANK YOU! This is an amazing bday present, Smut and a possible pregnancy? be still, my heart! I cannot thank you enough for this, it made my day :D
7/4/2019 c36 JamaicanTIVAlover
Well, Tony gave Ziva exactly what she was daydreaming about! Some great sex! ;-D
Love Tony not waking her but leaving breakfast for her. Such a good man! :)
I knew Ziva was pregnant the moment you started describing the symptoms at the beginning of the chapter. Lol

Thank you for the update. That was some surprise smut! Lol
7/2/2019 c36 Aqua Rules
Really solid chapter! Especially loved the ending. Also I for one love reading the smut haha. :D
7/2/2019 c36 4Clois And Tiva Rule In Greece
first of all, thank for the dedication sis. Well, what can I say? "Ziva misses Israel" "Ziva enjoys University" Ziva is afraid of being pregnant" but also "Ziva never stops thinking and having sex with Tony." LOL! i thank sooooo muchhh of the graphic scene. i'm sure Ziva enjoyed it and...in a pleasant way... i still wonder why Ziva is so afraid of being pregnant. Tony loves her he wants a child with her. i really wonder if Ziva really wants to be Tony. howecer i'd like a baby DiNozzo to be on the way
7/1/2019 c36 Guest
Oh I hope she is... Tony will be so happy. Great chapter!
7/1/2019 c36 17DS2010
Absolutely loved Ziva's increased libido and her attacking Tony that was well done.
At least she has a good idea at the end what is causing it. I am betting Tony will be ecstatic once the shock wears off.
7/1/2019 c36 rosali sobreira
obrigada por postar esse novo capitulo
7/1/2019 c36 Debbie
Great chapter. I need a cold shower but it was worth it. Yes that is a good cliffhanger. It will be nice to see them as family they deserve it so much! Enjoy your summer. Congratulations on your new job. Hope all goes well for you.
7/1/2019 c36 ctc
hoping she skipped the wine with dinner... she should have felt the clues earlier!
5/26/2019 c35 Debbie
Great chapter. Tony did a good job as team leader. Love how you bought Ziva into the mix our Three Musketeers together again for a short time.
5/26/2019 c35 4BertAndTiva
Quite the filler chapter, but reading tony dinozzo in action is never boring :) also, I am a little bit worried of the next chapter, please be kind on us
5/23/2019 c35 Guest
I am always so happy to see an update to this story. Enjoyed this latest chapter as I have the others. Tiva forever!
5/23/2019 c35 JamaicanTIVAlover
When I started reading the chapter, at first I'm like, am I reading the right story?! Lol. But it was a good case chapter. Love Tony's method of doing things and Ziva playing her part in apprehending Camden! As I was thinking when am I going to see Ziva or Tiva in this chapter. Lol.
Good chapter.

Thanks for the update. :)

...Oh and ZIVA IS BACK! :-) It was such an AWESOME feeling seeing Cote back on my tv screen playing Ziva. And she didn't even look a day older than the last time she played Ziva, in 2013. :) 3
5/21/2019 c35 Tiva4Life
This is awesome! I love that you still write about tiva when most of the other writers stopped after "Past, Present and Future" and "Family First".
Also, about the investigators: I have no clue about the first, but is the second one Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) or Richard Poole/Humphrey Goodman (Both from Death in Paradise)?
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