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10/11 c26 3Valen Goncalvez
Please update more of this amazing story it's so beautifully written! And thank you for your efforts!
7/14 c24 Victoria1676
UWAH I definitely love this RWBY crossover!
7/8 c26 Luna from Harry Potter
wow these were so,,,,, wow
6/30 c26 Guest
These are amazing and your plot bunnies are mini works of art
2/28 c5 Hetalian Fairy 243
Where is this third chapter? I need it even IF it causes more suffering for more chapters. However I will keep to just the third you have waving around so long as you give me the chapter.
1/31 c26 11Black Dragoniss
Part 2 of this? Love all these little one shots. It’s awesome. Also, Harry is Skull and they are celebrating the curse being removed with everyone there when someone (you can choose who) appears and informs Skull that they needed him back. You can take it from there if you wish.
1/19 c22 4BloodRedJay
Still looking forward to that part 3!
12/6/2019 c26 Jaded Firerose
Great idea for a story, I really like it. Would love to read about Reborn *dealing* with the one putting out the hit, evil cackle.
12/6/2019 c20 Jaded Firerose
Loved the idea, loved the execution, loved the plot. Well done.
12/6/2019 c15 Jaded Firerose
Great idea for a story, I really hope you'll find inspiration to write it one day.
12/6/2019 c12 Jaded Firerose
Loved this chapter. Loved the way you wrote Lily and Renato. Loved the way you described Lily's demice. Loved the way you wrote Harry and his grandpa. Loved it, loved it, loved it.
12/6/2019 c10 Jaded Firerose
Great chapter. Loved the BAMFSkull with his equally BAMFMum.
12/6/2019 c8 Jaded Firerose
Great story, I really liked the plot of this one.
11/1/2019 c24 22DearCat1
I love this idea.
9/30/2019 c7 9Yue in the Stars
I love how everyone's like, "Oh man, Tsuna was hiding something awesome," and Xanxus is just like, "oH NO YOU DONT YOU LITTLE SNOT"
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