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9/8 c6 6MeMyselfAndI82907
...5 years...I'm moving to Indonesia. To find you and beg for more
9/8 c3 MeMyselfAndI82907
I knew that shit was going down the second the cake got messed up.
6/25 c6 AHeroforFun
You gotta continue, then you be blessed forever, but if not then...

6/25 c6 AHeroForFun
Wont you continue it ? :(
6/25 c2 AHeroForFun
Just OP
6/25 c1 Aheroforfun
One of the Most favourite heart satisfying stories I have ever read. Nothing else to say, you gave me a lot of enjoyment.
2/25 c5 10969Gray
wtf? Manila folder?
1/3 c6 Guest
Congrats on the wedding man and take your time with the story I can wait
12/9/2020 c1 Robbler
Well, I hope you will start this up again.

This Story is some awesome work and I thank you for every chapter you wrote.
11/16/2020 c6 AlDestructor
porque ya no actualiza
9/26/2020 c6 Guest
8/3/2020 c1 guest
honestly, I'd love to see Tatsumaki's reaction to Saitama one-shotting Elder Centipede
6/23/2020 c6 Rice with Chest-Nuts
wtf?! this was years ago! how long have you planning to postpone this fics?!
6/23/2020 c5 Rice with Chest-Nuts
oh... he's still make it as an S-Class, huh? yet Saitama weren't, i mean... it doesn't matter the situation and circumstances that just wasn't meant to be, huh? damn this is amuses me so much man!

amd whoa? a DC crossover!? hell yeah,
6/23/2020 c4 Rice with Chest-Nuts
hmmm... isn't it that if you made Tatsumaki destroyed the House of Evolution instead of Genos would chance its purposes? like.. isn't that one of the reason that made him an S-Class?, anyway... this amuses me so much i was grinning like a moron the entire time reading this,

.. but man, this OoC Tatsumaki was freak'n adorable.. yet Saitama tho, wtf?! lololol,. but i can't stop thinking about the fact she was in her late 20s whilst behaving like a giddy schoolgirl, lolmao
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