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11/12 c3 Guest
Are you fing stupid why would you let him join a perage does that make any sense I know he needs friends. That happy personality of his was just a mask to deal with the hate of the villager for God sake I not reading any more the only thing I can ask my self is why why !
8/2 c7 Guest
Are you gonna continue or not? This was one of the better Naruto x DXD story I have read in a long time.
6/13 c7 Guest
Update pls I really like where the story is headed and don't any negative comments they make I hope you continue this
5/14 c7 Guest
Please continue this story please and also give naruto the sharingan and EMS abilities please
3/14 c2 gmhribrahimsoleh89
You know as someone that value friends a lot. Why not rasenshuriken Reyna when he saw that Reyna killed Ise. And bijyuutoma Rias so that she realise not to treat Humans as collectibles objects.
3/5 c7 PrintedSnail11
2/19 c7 Sinless
So utterly shit.
10/31/2020 c3 OrigDayday
I’ve always like the potential of koneko and Kuroka together they are like polar opposites and konekos bland humor and responses could be hilarious paired with naruto
8/31/2020 c1 valash122
soooo basically another naruto x dxd crossover where the pairing is no different then the rest? try and atleast learn to change jesus
8/4/2020 c7 Guest
They say he’s strong but he’s still dumb and let’s enimes run away and he having more trouble in battle than someone with his power should be having
5/14/2020 c5 Gwentor
Koneko and Serafall characters created for pedophiles. Only pedophiles like them. The r3wr1t3r is pedophile. This story is disgusting.
5/9/2020 c4 Kevin jr
Since naruto in this series is a hist of ten tail
He should be super Op so...
Why did he look like having trouble fighting
With small fry
5/9/2020 c3 Kevin jr
This naruto is pathetic
YOU said he is at least a high class devil
Yet he let enemy run twice
4/26/2020 c3 Otizurc
I don't think he would be interested in joining because she flirted/seduced him Sakura kissed him and told him to stop looking for saskue because she loved him and he didn't believe her, also he wouldn't join the peerage because he doesn't need to join them to be family and with how smart you claim he is Naruto didn't notice the fact they showed up right when issei was being killed and didn't help him with the fallen as well you can't say they thought you were handling it as good enough excuse they would have taken care of the fallen she's just manipulative.
4/4/2020 c3 castieltuang002
This is the biggest joke ever. This Naruto is even more useless than a genin
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