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12/24/2015 c2 bushido
To tell the truth issei is a disgrace to male protagonists he touches boobs to gain balance breaker when others were training hard for theirs for example ichigo how many times has he been stabbed naruto fought kurama to gain his power and luffy trained to unlock his gears issei doesn't deserve 95% of his harem
12/24/2015 c2 Guest
... 1000% against the idea of Naruto in Rias' peerage. It has been done too often. And pairing him with Rias. And he already knows that she knew of the fallen angels and she planned to use them for something. the next day, Issei is killed by them. He WON'T trust them 'cause she just planned his friend's (Issei) assassination.
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
Naruto should get all rias peerage girls.
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
Naruto have too much power to become a devil through evil you really have to make him a devil,atleast give him the power to eject the evil piece whenever he wants..He's basically on Red and Ophis level so he shouldn't have a problem being just human.. Please focus on Naruto x Sona
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
I want human naruto.
12/25/2015 c3 Sageofchaos
hope to see more.
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
In some cases I think doing the overdone pairings is better than trying to be original. I feel like most people read Naruto x DxD because they prefer Naruto as a main character, anyway I'd personally vote to not give Issei the main harem because I'm one of those people who just can't get behind his pathetic personality especially at the beginning of the story without a massive amount of character development.
12/23/2015 c2 The Wild Burrito
Interesting chapter, it was certainly a joy to read as it finally brought us into Issei being a devil. Though, I do hope you don't play on making Naruto a devil, mainly contributed to how strong he is since the Jubi could very well be considered a God, and since Naruto is the "Host" of the Jubi, I find it impossible for him to be reincarnated as a Devil because the system cannot reincarnate Gods into Devils. Also, I strongly believe that Issei should get his original girls because I absolutely loathe Rias. Once again, for your first fanfiction, it certainly is a surprise with how good this is turning out to be. Cheers mate!
12/23/2015 c2 yo
it might seem to be done alot but alot of the storys don't ever go past 5 to 10 ch
12/23/2015 c1 Guest
Issei should not have a harem. He is a fucking faggot.
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
Rias and Akeno in the harem. No harem for issei!
12/23/2015 c2 blacklightning60
Do not nurf naruto at all keep him the way he is. He doesn't have to be a part of rias pieces for him and rias to be together. I would have him as an independent. That way you can keep him strong, but you can also do a lot more creatively with him not being a piece.
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
I don't like the idea of Rias or the girls in her peerage going to Issei. Put her and the girls in Naruto's harem please!
12/23/2015 c2 Guest
Have rias and akeno join narutos harem the rest issie
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