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for Nesting: Part One

8/5/2017 c1 3SmartCookies1
Plz update! ! ! ps love your story
12/4/2016 c5 StyxxandBethany
It was a really good chapter! I love your portrayal of this characters. I would love the sequel too.
But the most important thing is your health. So take care of yourself, that's first. Then write when you can. I hope next year is nicer with you! Happy holidays!
2/3/2016 c3 LoneWolfsRage
Please continue
1/20/2016 c3 2cantorahagedoorn
Alfred needs to take pictures, maybe not now... He can wait till they have fallen asleep.
But pictures, because they probably look adorable.
Lovely story!
I would love to see some more!
1/2/2016 c3 StyxxandBethany
I really liked the POV of Bruce on his kids. And how he decided to let Tim keep the sheets and stay with them. Dad bat is the best!
I hope Kon apologizes to Tim soon.
I loved Dick and Jason moments so much!
12/23/2015 c2 StyxxandBethany
I love how protective Tin brothers are!
I like that Dick and Jason are together, I also looove when Dick is the alpha (usually Jason is the alpha, but this is my favorite, they are adorable!) I do imagine Jason protective of Tim.
12/22/2015 c2 23Demona Evernight
I love your story! Always love the A/B/O dynamics and I find Jason and Damien hilarious!

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