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4/17/2018 c19 7lunarmotet
Your story was the first story I read on this site after being off of it for 12 years. It's wonderful, very dark but very hopeful. Your writing style makes it very easy to feel the emotion. I loved it.
3/18/2018 c19 WasabiDuckies
I am not one to comment or review on stories but can I just say this story was absolutely fantastic!? That's not even the proper word to describe such a powerful fic! My oh my! It is stories like these that I scour pages upon pages to find such inspiring, heart warming, and motivating stories with strong well rounded and developed characters that is readers can relate to. Suffering from PTSD ( which developed into anxiety and depression disorders) for 6 years I can say you did a wonderful job bringing out how it affects our mental states, relationships, and behaviors. No one should be allowed to suffer alone; I have to commend you on that note. I found this fic and could not put it down, you did an amazingly wonderful job and I wish you success on your future endeavors in college. ()_) here is a marshmallow as a treat
9/19/2017 c19 108Fae'sFlower
Elphaba and Glinda have come so far together. I'm glad they have each other! This was such a wonderful story, and even though I'm sad to see it end, I'll have fun imagining the rest of their adventures together.

Wonderful job!
9/11/2017 c19 24PocketSevens
I was so absorbed by the first part of the chapter that I completely forgot about Elphaba's voices. And then, when they reappeared, I thought, "oh shit!". But, to see Elphaba fight her voices and come out on top was awesome...even threw a small fist-bump into the air when she defeated them. While it was a little jarring that the story finishes...well..."unfinished" in a way, I understand why you ended the story this way. Even if the events of this story continued down the same path as the original Wicked story, at least Elphaba is stronger now than she was before. This is a story of hope and courage - fighting the voices inside you that try to convince you that you're not worthy. Yet, Elphaba found someone who believed in her and helped her become strong. And in the end, when she came face-to-face with her voices, she stood strong.

This was a fantastic story. Thank you for writing it. Good luck in college and may God bless you.
9/9/2017 c19 22AirHawk19
I was expecting this chapter to be sad, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you for an amazing story that I'm sure will encourage many people. Good luck in college, keep writing, and have fun.
9/3/2017 c19 5Indy's Green Hat
I would have reviewed earlier but I was on vacation... Elphaba managed to fight her demons and win (in her own way.)
I don't know how to story continues because you had it end at a perfect moment, but I know that Elphaba can—and will—overcome whatever (and in my head she does it with a little help from a blonde friend.)
I can't think of anything to say right now, but, thanks. For writing this, because some people need it (I mean, I hope no one almost kills their 'dad' through a magical outburst.)
Hey, college can be pretty demanding but here's to hoping that you appear one day without something new!
Until later!
8/29/2017 c19 James Birdsong
Good ending
4/18/2017 c18 Guest
You do such a good job at writing! Your spin on the characters are awesome and interesting, and I'm always excited when a new chapter is posted!
4/8/2017 c18 24PocketSevens
OH NO YOU DON'T GALINDA! Don't you go abandoning your best friend in her time of need.

And I don't think a person ever forgets. Memories fade and they don't take prominence anymore but there are times when they come back - especially when you least expect it. You have to keep reminding yourself you're not that person anymore. Times have changed, circumstances have changed and so have you.
3/26/2017 c18 108Fae'sFlower
Elphaba now has her letter from the Wizard? But she's been through so much already! Must we subject her to the Wizard and Morrible's lies? She doesn't deserve anymore of this!

Update soon!
3/23/2017 c18 James Birdsong
3/19/2017 c18 Just Me
I was very excited to see an update! Great chapter! Update soon, please!
1/9/2017 c17 Just Me
Poor Elphaba. That's all I can say. Except, I had an awesome daydream based on this chapter where after Nessa was done being a little selfish bitch and said Elphaba was dead to her, Elphaba used her magic to fix Nessa's legs so she could walk and once Nessa was so happy and overjoyed that she could walk Elphaba used her magic to put her back to how she was before, crippled, and put her back in her wheelchair, and told Nessa something like "too bad I am dead and can't fix you" lol. Back to your awesome story, I feel so bad for Elphaba (and Galinda since she worrries about Elphaba) and as much as I love the angst and Elphaba suffering (I really do, or I wouldn't be reading this and loving it lol) it would be nice to give her a little break. A little happiness. Like Galinda's family happily taking her in, or a new friend or boyfriend, or a success or something. Anyway, I love this story. Update soon, please!
1/8/2017 c17 James Birdsong
Excellent two chapters
1/10/2017 c17 Fae'sFlower
Nessa needs to go away! How dare she say that to Elphaba! She's such a spoilt brat! I hope she either gets what's coming to her, or apologizes to her sister! How dare she! But at least Elphaba still has Galinda.

Update soon!
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