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for Wrapped In Red

9/20 c11 3Snwy.Leopard
Loved this
9/5 c11 Guest
i need a part 2 omg
7/15 c11 Granny Wolf
I do love the way your muse spins a tale, glad I found one of your fic's that was marked complete! thanks for sharing and please continue the rest of your posted fic to completion. hugs!
4/14 c11 2Dj19
You write very well. I'm impressed
4/7 c3 Jay
I love it when they argue.
3/24 c11 TheDauntlessOne
This is amazing, I love it!
3/24 c10 TheDauntlessOne
Oh my god, Blaise! What a lovely twist!
3/23 c11 ChosenInWinter
Wow! That was an amazing story! I was cheering at the end. Well done.
3/5 c11 Neekah
Sigh. So happy now.
3/5 c10 Neekah
I love your Theo. Always have, always will.
2/27 c11 Bexxiebabe
I think this needs a double epilogue, because I NEED more after that ending! So good!
2/9 c11 katco-cereal
1/15 c4 ainhooria
Unrealistic but addicting cuz they both fight a lot
12/28/2020 c7 Kt3641
You are such a great writer! You can draw a person into your story without them even being aware of it. Now I even like Draco! How do you do it?
12/20/2020 c11 Shelby
I really loved this fan fiction! It was so cute and made me smile a lot. I also got a good laugh out when the mistletoe kept appearing. The ending was so sweet and adorable. Words can’t express the amount of love I have towards this story!
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