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12/26/2015 c1 131signelchan
I should do some explaining about how I set up the FE:A fic exchange before I get into why this was the greatest turn of events I could have imagined. I listed out all the participants, marked who was not allowed to write for who, and went by pairs and preferences to fit everyone in perfectly. Then, when that was done, I found there was one itty bitty little part that didn’t mesh up, and that was where I inserted myself. So it was your love of one of the ships that you wrote in this fic that was the reason you inevitably had to write it, and it was my love of too many ships that resulted in this outcome. I sent you a very abbreviated request that included TWO of your preferred ships and TWO of mine within its three ships, and you went somewhere I didn’t think you would and wrote only the ones I loved, rather than picking the other one you loved.

And while I’m sure reading your hand at a Lon’quissa fic would have been as good if not better, I think the fact that you wrote a combination Chrobin and Laike fic for me as your first posted contribution to this fandom is so great. You could have made your mark with something you loved, but you made it with something I loved instead. That right there, not even getting into the fic itself, means more to me than I think I can express in words.

But this a review of the fic, not outside events and that sort of thing, and so I should really get to talking about your plot and how you managed to throw these characters into a definitely-not-battling setting and make them feel like they were ripped straight from the game. (I would have said “not fighting”, but we know that there is a bit of fighting in this, which seems to be par for the course in fics where Chrom and Vaike have to interact.) Your Chrom is written with the same seriousness and the same boneheadedness as he’s seen everywhere else, with that added dose of protective brother who doesn’t want to see his little sister end up hurt. Robin, ever the mostly blank slate in canon, feels like she’s just more fleshed-out than she is in the game, with actual care and concern and love residing within her rather than the tactical prowess found in the heat of battle. And don’t even get me started on how you write Lissa (she’s so peppy and sweet and I love her) or Vaike (he is legitimately just like how he should be in canon, down to his dialogue!), because I could go on for quite some time about how perfect they are.

Special mention needs to go out to how Chrom blew up at Vaike and stormed off. Everyone’s reactions to that moment were so genuine and I really think that Chrom doing that is not just in character for him, but how Lissa not only understood where he was coming from, but forgave him for it was definitely in character for her. And, honestly, them bringing up Emmeryn and getting over their problems through talking about her was probably the best touch there could have been. Hopefully this fic iteration of Lissa knows better than to compare herself to that dead sister, though, and hopefully Chrom knows better than to hold his little sister to his older sister’s standard.

However, there’s just one teensy tiny problem that I feel needs mentioning. There’s not enough things being broken in this story. Horns being set off, sure, but where’s the vivid imagery of someone being sent through a table?

Wait, wrong Laike fic.

12/23/2015 c1 15NinjaGhostCole123
Nice story!

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