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10/11/2019 c1 1AlopiasLamnaXV
I like the story so far and would be very happy if you decided to pick it up againthanks for publishing.
7/26/2016 c10 86753099
Love the new chapter, very sweet and fluffy. ️
3/31/2016 c9 4PathOfMyOwn
I'm DYING. This is like, the entire definition of fluff. Please write more.
P.S. I really like how Trubel and Nick have a sibling like relationship, and Nick and Adalind still have a child together...so Nick isn't completely like, invested in someone else. I don't know if that made sense but...I loved this story. Still love it. Please write more. :)
3/9/2016 c8 25Hermione Burkhardt
OMG, JUST CONTINUE ! Now I want to see Trubel having a nightmare and Nick going comforting her ! Love see this kind of scene in the Trubnick fanfics 3
1/23/2016 c7 Guest
Nice story! Update soon, I want to see where this goes.
1/22/2016 c6 Guest
Trouble always gave the Nick is my big brother vibe and also a lesbian vibe. Sorry but N and T sounds very disturbing
1/21/2016 c1 86753099
Hi, I'm new here. And I just want to say it's awesome to see another author writing Trubnick! Love this story!
12/30/2015 c4 TeamTrubnick
Love the new chapter! Please continue.

Ps the official ship name is Trubnick. :)
12/28/2015 c3 Guest
Its interesting to see where your going with this. Update Soon.
12/25/2015 c3 Random
I absolutely love it! This story is awesome, please continue. I'm also a Trubel/Nick fanfiction writer and it is amazing to find another story. :)
12/23/2015 c1 4PathOfMyOwn
Continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue continue xD
This is written so freaking well it's amazing! Hope you write more! And, since we don't know yet what exactly happened to Trubel when she was with HW, you can make up some story :D I bet it'll be amazing

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