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8/30 c68 Dezra
This needs to be finished.
8/1 c68 starandsky1
I know you probably already have alot of people demanding an update for this beautiful story that you have written and I hope that I'm not overstepping my place but I was wondering if you could give me an estimate on how long it might be before you update the next chapter?
7/4 c68 AnamT
continue this story.
6/12 c68 12excessivelyperky
Harry has a strong and wily protector in Severus (who may whip up some of that poison just as a backup plan, he's no fool).

Minerva will shield Harry as well. Not so sure that Amelia Bones will; she's already preparing to free Albus just to keep her position.

Also, Golden. Don't miff off a golden protector...
6/6 c67 excessivelyperky
Now that's a neat idea-turn the artificial familiars into real ones (you would think Albus would have had enough time to do so, more than anyone else with an artificial familiar...but I expect you would have to *love* the familiar, too and not just use it).

I'm glad the thought has come up. Or they're going to have to lose their Squibs.

Wizarding society now knows how many Squibs they have, more or less, but I expect they didn't really want to.
5/11 c66 excessivelyperky
Yeah, Severus is going to say, 'but Albus has been on me all this time to worship Harry Potter, and of course you want to change now. Besides, Albus hated it when he saw I cared for my own students'.

And Minerva knows it. Besides, she was never very happy in canon when Snape didn't bend over backwards for Harry either.

I wonder how the Heisenberg laws came about in the first place. Was it when people like Tom were thrown into London during the Blitz?

I wonder if Snape was refused sanctuary when he was a student?

At least Minerva does care about individual students-good for her.
4/26 c65 excessivelyperky
Yes. There is something horribly wrong about the way the WW treats both Squibs and Muggles; but what, if anything will change now?

'All was well'.
4/24 c68 4Belzira
I really love this story! It is well written and with an interesting plot. Looking forward to reading the next chapter!
3/22 c68 qwertyuiop123214685
good story, please update!
3/17 c64 12excessivelyperky
It's good to find out what is happening with the familiars.

And yet, what is magical society going to do with so many revealed Squibs? Create a reservation for them?
3/2 c62 excessivelyperky
Now that's really interesting that people besides Albus can create gold or silver familiars.

Of course, because I like to leap straight ahead, I wonder if Tom Riddle managed it somehow?
1/20 c60 excessivelyperky
Mmm...Severus is wrong about Flitwick, since we all know that Filius ignored what happened to Luna at the hands of her own classmates, but I suppose Snape doesn't know about that part.

But Narcissa would definitely bear watching.
10/22/2021 c54 excessivelyperky
I really feel for Hermione-she tries so hard to fit in it hurts to watch her try.

And Harry has so much confidence, from being a golden and being nurtured in Hufflepuffl.

Yes, the news about Dumbledore is dreadful.
10/13/2021 c53 excessivelyperky
Oh, my, the fewmets will hit the fan once this whole issue of artificial familiars gets raised. The adults will need the prestige of someone with a golden familiar to listen to them in the first place...

And I suspect Harry will regret trusting Professor Quirrell, but that's for a later chapter.
10/11/2021 c2 Mimi
Great job its amazing. -_-
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