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for Children of the Sun

5/24/2020 c59 Kyuubi-dono
Get fucked Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. Your plan backfired terribly. Suffer. This is great.
5/14/2020 c58 Guest
Do werewolves have familiars, like how would that even work on the full moon?
5/14/2020 c16 1JackRenee
“But he killed your parents!”
“Uhm. I know.” I’m dying. That particular exchange just struck me as hilarious. I love this old soul Hufflepuff.
5/7/2020 c59 Gustavkaizer
5/4/2020 c59 Vukk
The last few paragraphs made me laugh a bit. Malfoy was sorted into Hufflepuff, the house he hated the most in canon at the start of the series.
5/4/2020 c59 Story341
I look forward to finding out how the Malfoy's , Slytherin's and everyone else will react to Draco's new sorting!
Please keep writing!
5/3/2020 c59 kayleneproctor94
I have really enjoyed your story and can't wait to see more!
5/3/2020 c59 2catzetier
BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's *priceless*. The ONE house that would annoy Narcissa Malfoy even more, I think. Unless she's more intelligent than she appears on the surface, and is playing a long game that REQUIRED him to be sorted there to get closer to Harry...
5/3/2020 c59 NawelKim
Oh oh! So Draco's in Harry's house now.. Didn't expect that! But I can't wait to read more about this story _
5/3/2020 c59 AcadianProud
Hufflepuff?! Perfect. Going from Slytherin to Hufflepuff will cause a great deal of commotion. But, when you think of it, it will probably be the one place that may accept him easier.
5/3/2020 c59 Jostanos
*blinks* Well that's a surprise, and it may be one that angers Narcissa even more than what has already happened during the trial and afterwards.

Narcissa, beware.. The path that you are taking is more perilous than you may have realized.
Your plans to use those "forbidden spells" may not only backfire spectacularly, but they may also backfire fatally. The fatality/Fatalities? *shrugs* Who knows?
5/2/2020 c59 burungmalam
Haha, oh dear, did not see that coming! I'm a little worried about the spells Narcissa mentioned...
5/2/2020 c59 Carol145
Well, well, well. I was not expecting that! Can't wait for the next chapter.
5/2/2020 c59 3GiveMeBackMyFreedomFandoms
I had a thought. Sirius.
5/2/2020 c59 DarkRavie
I really like this story. it's an excellent read and i look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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