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10/2/2021 c1 00
Dead story. Sad.
8/19/2021 c49 12excessivelyperky
I'm really impressed that Quirinus hasn't given up yet and doesn't like being possessed.

And I'm sad that Minerva is so disillusioned now about Albus, though it kind of had to happen sometime.
8/12/2021 c48 excessivelyperky
I am delighted to see you mention Claire Jordan, no matter the context!

And that Minerva is doing proper research on whatever the hell Albus was doing.

I might add that Harry Potter is no longer the person that Narcissa should be worrying about...
7/23/2021 c68 Jostanos
"Whoever said life was easy was attempting to sell you something." ~ Dread Pirate Roberts paraphrased quote from The Princess Bride.

How far gone may White Bee be after his stay in the Dream Labyrinth?
7/6/2021 c46 excessivelyperky
That's very interesting about my friend Claire! Surprised she had a tin horse and not a white hound, mind you. And even more interesting about the corrupted familiars.

And Snape knows just enough to be terrified.
7/6/2021 c45 excessivelyperky
Yes, asking Professor Snape is a good idea; even with a silver familiar, he knows what it's like at the bottom of the food chain, and he'll be able to see where Narcissa is coming from by a country mile, and be able to safeguard Harry from it.

Quirrelmort is the real threat right now, though, and should be dealt with first.
7/4/2021 c68 1AxelsFire96
Nice chapter! Great to see that section wrapped up, I'm looking forward to seeing where you go from here!
6/28/2021 c27 flyboy38
Why is Golden having to communicate with Harry in an interpretive way instead of just speaking Parseltounge? I know you had Harry talk to other reptile familiars earlier in the story but I can't remember if they ever spoke back. So why is speaking one way? Shouldn't at least the snakes be able to speak Parseltounge?
6/21/2021 c68 Starlette
I feel so tense knowing Dumbledore is going to appear again hahaha. ' LOVE all of the characters of this chapter, specially Minerva and Julian, but your Madam Bones is so interesting too! Everywhere I look is just. Great. Thank you so much!
6/17/2021 c68 00
Fantastic story.
6/15/2021 c68 1Niris
Of course Dumbledore had to carry his way out of the Dream Labyrinth! Great scenario as always.
6/15/2021 c68 ThaMaddox
Se o Albus tiver que ser liberado espero um grandiosa humilhação e que depois ele volte para a punição dele sem grandes estragos.
6/15/2021 c68 ThaMaddox
eu amo essa história com tudo de mim. espero ansiosamente por cada atualização.
6/15/2021 c68 2catzetier
Woah. WHOAH. I am freaking out right here. What a STORY! I *thought* that the Dream Labyrinth potentially-wouldn't hold Albus Dumbledore since his familiar was not originally golden, but I never *dreamed* that the Ministry would be seriously considering opening the door just to see whether his familar was marked as fake!

Actually. There's a lot of idiots in the Ministry. Strike that - reverse it. I should have seen it coming.

I absolutely love this story, and it's always a joy whenever you update. It's a wonderful idea and it's brilliantly-executed.
6/15/2021 c68 sarahsezlove
So good to see an update.
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