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for It Shall Begin and End With Pain

3/29/2023 c5 2Kragalist
Damn, everyone really be leaving this site. Nobody’s here anymore.
8/5/2019 c4 1Johnathan-Mandrake
To answer your question on chapter 4:
I write fanfics on a different site... but secretly? It depends on how you define 'secret'. I'm almost completely antisocial and therefore choose to have very few friends(I could count the number on one hand). I'm also one of those 'don't ask don't tell' people with few exceptions... very few. So while I'm not secretive about my writing, I don't see why it's anyone else's business to know what I do in my freetime.
8/5/2019 c3 Johnathan-Mandrake
I think me and Ryan would get along... he has Ben the Bone Club and I have Betty the Chainsaw.
4/11/2019 c4 VarroWayland
"Someday I would explode. Someday." -Ryan
me IRL

great fic so far
4/11/2019 c3 VarroWayland
a ballista, because, I mean, a GIANT FRICKIN CROSSBOW!
11/29/2018 c1 ExtremeLucario
hello fromswitzerland
i l love the idea of it and i think i will read it more

2/3/2018 c5 1Sola the Spirit
1/1/2018 c5 Guest
Please let us know your alive and well with an update!
12/21/2017 c4 NerdyAviator
Looking forward to the update man. Your fans, followers/cult worshipers are still here, and we're waiting. Shall we sacrifice a Gogoat to please you?
9/2/2017 c5 Molten Salty
As it turns out, the pain isn't the physical pain of whatever TBG was planning for the finale, it's the emotional pain of a dead fic.
4/20/2017 c5 1Mali Arts
you ever going to update this?
3/31/2017 c1 NerdyAviator
I find this story crossing my mind at least once a week, wondering when it will be updated man, you have a knack for bringing these characters to life. Hope college is going well for you, plz update soon.

2/10/2017 c3 2Kragalist
Im bored. Plz post new chapter plz. Plz is a good word.
1/5/2017 c5 Nova6
Amazing as always! Your stories are always absolutely amazing and this one is no different. I'm on the edge of my seat for the next chapter.
10/28/2016 c1 Jake Lucario
You ever going to update this story? I was really getting into it.
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