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for Shin Seiki Gaiden: Hakamairi

7/13/2016 c1 Alex2909
like the talk gaun had with yuis grave, kinda figured straight blade was her
2/14/2016 c1 2shadowrunner22
Nice one it's nice to see Guan release her anger at the person who started this downward spiral for shinji though It still makes me want to see Gendo's head on a platter.
2/4/2016 c1 SeanHicks4
Interesting... I don't think I've ever seen Yui be seen as a manipulator too, usually it seems like an accident while studying the Evangelions that killed her
12/24/2015 c1 4RealRemainder
Well this is not really that surprising since there was the other Misato centered one between books 1 and 2.


-you ungrateful proug'nikI order you! - forgot the space and the exclamation point: "you ungrateful proug'nik! I order you!"

-she erupted into tears more tears - It should be "she erupted into tears and more tears" or maybe "she erupted into tears. More tears."

-Just those two. Good work.

Hey, Gaun visiting Yui's grave!

Damn! Gaun is kind of pissed at her daughter...

...DAMN! Gaun is REALLY pissed at her daughter...

...Now hold on just a second! Would Gaun just forsake her daughter like this?! Aw come on she-! Oh okay she was just really pissed. Of course you didn't mean it Gaun. But still, DAMN!

This was some pretty heavy shit... I'm glad it's just a side story. Ah and thanks for mentioning Scrap Yard! Go read my comic everyone reading this!

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