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4/12 c8 Guest
This story is more about the budding romance between Charlotte and Col Fitzwilliam
4/12 c4 Guest
A stupid writer who goes easy on the kidnappers,all of them,and then cries foul
4/12 c3 Guest
Elizabeth is entitled,all that reading makes her think she's too smart. She can remain with her kidnappers. Too bad Darcy got mixed in this. While Col Fitzwilliam is romancing Charlotte not much will come off this crap story
4/12 c1 Guest
Colonel Fitzwilliam is a retard.
4/12 c16 Guest
Charlotte is an unlikable character
4/7 c16 Michelle H
What a fantastic story. I love your writing, I mean your WRITING. The turns of phrase, the inner dialogue, the dialogue, not just the plot or the story arc. Really lovely reading experience. This was a very very well written story. Great characters. But of course the romance between ODC, and until the ending Colonel Fitzwilliam's one-side (or was it?) love story. I was so happy he and Charlotte have a happily-ever-after.
3/4 c16 13archy12
Ah, a happy ending for our supporting characters! :)
3/3 c14 archy12
Hadn't expected Lady Catherine to collapse like this. It's really sad.
So Smythe was playing a dubious matchmaker by abducting Darcy and Elizabeth. But he almost left Darcy behind, didn't he? If Darcy hadn't insisted on going with them, how would Elizabeth have fallen for him?
3/3 c13 archy12
Debt? But Elizabeth was never in Smythe's debt.
Tilda's secret is out though. Let's see if Smythe finds her in time.
3/3 c12 archy12
Wow, lots going on here!
Tilda is in a right soup, isn't she? I wonder if Smythe will find her before she escapes from the house.
3/2 c11 archy12
It's all very well that Smythe has honor, and allowed Darcy and Elizabeth to escape from the boat. But then, why did he kidnap them in the first place?
Clearly, Reg has no scruples about taking over the gang. And he's in love with Smythe's wife?
This is not going to end well.
3/2 c10 archy12
Oh no, Tanner managed to betray them after all!
I hope his family will be able to confine him inside the house. Darcy should have hit him hard enough on the leg. Then he wouldn't have been able to walk for a few days!
2/29 c8 archy12
It's interesting how these two characters, otherwise not so involved with the original tale, have become quite important here. Well done!
It's a pity Darcy has to rely on such a scoundrel as Roland Tanner for information. His actions towards Lizzy made even my flesh crawl. Ugh!
2/29 c7 archy12
Charlotte continues to surprise Colonel Fitzwilliam, and us! :)
Elizabeth should have a little more faith in Darcy.
2/29 c6 archy12
It's an ambitious plan indeed, but if carefully executed, it can be done.
I hope Tanner's son will be sincere in his efforts to aid Darcy.
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