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1/20 c17 Guest
Excellente histoire bravo j ai adoré merci
12/28/2022 c16 horses4504
I keep coming back to this story again and again to read it! It’s just so so excellent and the characters are so well developed and all the lovey scenes are so lovely! Definitely one of the best P&P stories I’ve ever read!
11/12/2022 c16 Guest
Just read this again. So, so good! High on my list of all-time P&P favorites...and I've read a ton of them. Awesome job!
11/2/2022 c16 dpennell007
What a wonderful adventure! Great dialogue and an imaginative, original plot. The Fitzwilliam and Charlotte romance was a true joy to read. I LOVED it!
10/19/2022 c17 3Kayozm
Have you thought about putting it up on Amazon yourself?
10/17/2022 c16 Kayozm
10/17/2022 c16 Kayozm
Ahh, I am so happy ColonelF and Charlotte got their HEA too.
10/17/2022 c12 Kayozm
Ha! I haven’t read this chapter yet, but just had to comment on your noteyes! Imagine the vitriol that proposal might have provoked! And Captain Wentworth flirting with Louisa! And Lady what’s-her-babe pushing Anne towards Mr Elliott!
10/16/2022 c8 Kayozm
For the record I love the Charlotte-Fitzwilliam dynamic, although perhaps he shouldn’t have said anything to her. But then, how could he not? I also don’t think I’ve noticed any inconsistencies. Except, I guess I was wondering whether Darcy told Fitzwilliam of the discussion he overheard (or did he have the discussion and Elizabeth overheard it?) just before they got off the boat. The implications all along have been that ‘Lord’ Smythe had no intention of doing them any harm (though I suppose it was not entirely clear of that was really true of Elizabeth, though I think it was, especially because I think he did see her leaving), but that if Reg was in charge things may be different.
So the only thing I would like to see for the sake of consistencies was a discussion about that and whether that should affect their plans or assumptions.
10/4/2022 c17 K
Hi, I just came back to enjoy this story for probably the 15th time or so and want to thank you for it, again! And, to say that I am so sorry that the plagiarism thing happened. I hope something was done about it? I don't imagine Amazon had any interest as they themselves are the gate keepers of sooo much of every kind of consumer fraud on their platform, sadly. I have been boycotting Amazon products including books because of their horrible practice of tracking every word you read and thought you have while you do.
But, that said, i would simply donate to you for your story if i could from here. I wish there were a more direct way on to do that. I want to thank you too, for, in spite of all that has happened, for keeping this story here. It is a treasure, as are you. Please keep writing. K
9/18/2022 c16 AKS1607
Thank you for your lovely story.
9/18/2022 c6 AKS1607
I don’t think Colonel Fitzwilliam would be ‘disgusted’ by an alliance with Elizabeth.

I’m enjoying your story very much. Thank you for posting.
8/24/2022 c16 2Light on the Horizon
Brilliant story!
8/20/2022 c17 1reisova
7/26/2022 c16 JennyBeeAMDG1
This is THE BEST P&P fanfic I have read in a long time! Fan-bloody-tastic! The plot was well-thought out. The characters were true to JA, but also included your own personsl twist. You may not be JA, but you certainly give the good lady a run for her money! Absolutely, brilliantly well done! I anticipate the enjoyment of reading many more P&P adventures from you in the future! ️
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