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5/23 c88 MZ1116
Maybe the silver eye can also be passed as an affinity? That would be very interesting, four silver eye users
5/22 c41 4warrior of six blades
Nice to see Blake learn of Velvet’s desire to mark Coco and to see Blake have time to chat with her dad. Clearly something she has been needing for a long time and is finally getting some relief there.

Weiss meanwhile has done well to catch Winter up on pretty much everything, but I can see Winter’s concerns as valid points to worry about. Still, at least she is supporting Weiss’s choice enough to give the girls a chance.
5/18 c40 warrior of six blades
Yeah, I can see why this talk with Winter would make Weiss anxious, but thankfully Blake comforted her with her loving support some before that started and even during their talk Weiss found comfort, love, and support from all her mates despite being busy with their own crazy plans.

Ruby and Yang trying to see how well Yang can handle Ruby’s semblance really was a treat to watch, but damn that is a dangerous way to explain how it is for her.

I love how Ren takes one look at Ruby’s leg and Nora instantly makes it clear THAT broken leg is NOT her fault! XD
5/16 c39 warrior of six blades
Glad to see Ozpin is keeping Ironwood from any thoughts of arresting Blake, if this was in Atlas I just know he would have without hesitation.

And it made me all the more glad Blake’s friends was ready to protect her, especially her mates as the general was heavily surprised to see Weiss was ready to fight him FOR Blake’s sake.

She truly is coming along nicely in following her own heart.
5/11 c88 gingerpsyco
I wanted to thank you for putting in the Penny/Pyrhha interaction. It was an interesting thought/discussion and you gave it a wonderful voice. It even made me choke up a bit. Loving the story so very much (re-read I think four times?) and wish you the best with the creative flow.
5/3 c38 warrior of six blades
Well, as far as first impressions go… I think Winter isn’t too against it, but she is right to have concerns for what Weiss is now involved in.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang have a crazy OP Affinity too.
5/3 c37 warrior of six blades
Looks like Ironwood is thankfully considering Ozpin’s words from their last call. While Winter has had a very interesting first impression of Ruby.

Wonder what is up with that dream Ruby had… Seems like Adam Or a bull based on Adam was in it chasing another animal. Maybe a cat based on Blake?
5/3 c36 warrior of six blades
Yeah, I don’t blame Ghira’s anger at all once brought up to speed on what happened to Blake since they last seen her.

At least he is clearly approving and accepting of all three of her mates without much issue. Though I do love how he planned this little surprise visit to Vale without anyone knowing his true intentions by disguising it as plans to visit Mistral.
4/28 c35 warrior of six blades
Well shit, Adam knows now and needless to say this is a new level of snapping I ever witnessed from the mad bull.

I can only imagine how terrifying it must be to see him in this state for anyone unfortunate enough to see an obsessed yandere snap at losing their obsession not just to one human, but three of them who love her on a more pure level than he ever could.

One of them being a Schnee Heiress no less.
4/28 c88 Genesis09
Love this so much, I can’t wait for more.
4/28 c73 Genesis09
Shoulda just put a round into Adam’s head at the end. If he’s still breathing, he’s a threat.
4/24 c60 gandujen
HAHAHAHAHA You use that scene?! HAHAHAHA
4/17 c34 warrior of six blades
Yeah, I don’t blame Ozpin for why he was mad at Ironwood. Penny choosing to do something this big, that will affect her down to her soul for the rest of her life is no small matter.

Nor should it be treated as something no one has a choice in. As it’s not just their powers she would be getting via the transference machine, but part of Amber’s Soul as well.

Blake’s talk with her mother was truly full of ups and downs that will surely throw Ghira’s world upside down as it did for Kali, but I’m glad Blake knows how much her parents will always love her and support her relationship with her mates.

Especially Weiss given how big a hot button issue her lineage is.
4/17 c33 warrior of six blades
I’m glad to see Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Blake stand firm even before Ozpin that Penny is their friend first and foremost, before all else, even with her nature as a synthetic android with a soul of her own.

She is real to them and that won’t budge on the defense of their friend. Ozpin coming to accept her gives me relief too, but oh boy~ I just know he’s going to give Ironwood hell for this little discovery.

Blake’s talk with Kali is one that is long overdue and I’m glad Ozpin is giving them space to have this talk in private, as well as that Kali is doing a good job of easing the fears Blake is feeling as she fights against her instinct to run, to lie, and truly start being brave and admit to her mother what is going on.
4/15 c1 MZ1116
Please continue this! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a fanfiction this good!
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