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9/9 c96 BlueSc0rpi0n
Since I've read almost everything in Russian RWBY fanfiction, now I'm taking on English writings. Got to this one by accident, thanks to Reddit recommendation. Now it's one of my favourite by far. Liked it almost immediately, after about ten chapters. Since it's was uploaded back in 2015 and still alive, I'm really hope, that you will finish that story eventually, there is too many abandoned masterpieces. Thank you for your work, it's awesome.
8/25 c96 Supersaiyanlegen
I genuinely love this story so much that I read it a second time straight after finishing it the first time
8/20 c96 8The Keeper of Worlds
Oh my heavens I am so damn glad I caught up! Loving this and how well you incorporated the “reveal” of Ruby’s Semblance from Vol8! I am stoked here!
8/7 c96 Supersaiyanlegen
I absolutely love this story, the way you right it makes me so happy, and it also makes me wish mate's marks were a thing in the real world because God dammit, I want to be able to Feel my partner no matter what when I get one
7/28 c96 zeta.the.devil
I can't even describe to you how happy I am that this story continues to be updated.
7/28 c96 WhitepawtheWolf
Yknow, I suppose that makes a lot more sense than straight teleportation. Taking Ruby's semblance to the absolute extreme of "negating mass," guess what speed massless things travel at?

And now that we have this and summoning, I wonder if there'll be any sort of "advanced techniques" for Blake's and Yang's semblances as well. Blake's clones becoming tangible is something that has been talked about a bit in reviews before iirc, but I'm wondering if that's too obvious at this point. I mean, even if her semblance isn't as blatantly powerful as the rest, it's still one that has a lot of potential with enough cleverness. As for Yang's, I'm having trouble even picturing anything for it. It's already on the overpowered side of semblances honestly, it probably doesn't really need anything additional.

Also, nice to get a gauge for how far word has spread. About half the class, therefore probably about half the school at least has an inkling of what's up with Team RWBY. Not really sure if I was expecting less or more. Maybe more to have heard about their sudden rise in power, but less to know it's coming from them being Mated (which is probably still the case). Actually, I wonder if almost anyone outside the Faunus in the school know anything about that in particular. I imagine the Faunus students wouldn't shy too much away from telling at least their human teammates about it if people are genuinely curious as to how the hell Team RWBY got each other's semblances.
7/25 c96 10Firestar001
Super glad to see you’re still around friend. Yeah, i did think of you and this plot when we saw the finale. But with the speech Goodwitch gave, the explanation of Ruby’s semblance, and the MISCHIEVOUSNESS i can just feel coming from Neo…. Its all good man. Dunno if you’d need to ‘close any holes’ in Rubys semblance but i can offer my two cents:

Maybe when running, the petals ‘flash’ between being ‘2d and 3d’. But since our eyes and brain only see X frames a second, they think theyre still ‘solid’. Its like how lights are TECHNICALLY blinking on and off, but our eyes and brain see them as constantly on.

Or like in movies where a spinning wheel or gun barrel matches up with the camera, it looks ‘still’. And maybe their aura is what keeps the image ‘whole’. Go back to the part about extending aura outwards, splitting a mass of it away or something.

Idk. Just offering up two cents.
7/25 c96 1Ultimatrix bearer
I don't see why cardin is so worried. Regardless of what the semblance is it's still directly tied to aura. no aura=no semblance. Unless the mark somehow increased their aura reserves team RWBY aren't any harder to take down in the damage inflicted sense.

7/24 c96 1W8W
Girls using affinity on Vytal Festival will be fun to see.

I really like name of team PINC.

Cardin try to handicape RWBY. I love Goodwitch respond to this and pointing out that they job by definition is fight against the odds.
I wonder what karma hold for him and who team CRDL will face. RWBY would be most obvious and JNRP is second closes but I have a feeling that it will be PINC.

Penny inside about Ruby semblance was presented in cool way. I wonder what tricks you will give to her, "teleporting" enemy weapon to disarm him, making something heavy appear above his head?

I wonder how meeting with Raven will go.

Don't worry real life is much more important than fanfiction.

Yes what we learn about Summer in volume 9 contradict with your story setup for her but if you find a way to incorporate part of it than I am calm as you doing great job so far.
7/24 c96 Pharamine
So much have happened and we still in volume 2 timeline wise.
7/24 c96 1LostUmbrella
Weee, new chapter!
7/23 c96 5DschingisKhan
So it sounds like it's still super speed, just by another route that goes ludicrously fast...?
7/23 c96 codywhite162
Excellent chapter! Looking forward to the next one
7/22 c96 2Aren serathy
If I’m allowed to be pedantic, semblances don’t break science. It’s impossible to break science, as it’s a process of observing and interpreting natural phenomena. The Laws of physics on the other hand… Well considering that Petals apparently negate mass isn’t technically physically possible as an object without mass cannot have momentum or break things and we demonstrably see Ruby still has both. Also assuming Ruby still has a fixed volume while her mass is negated her density (mass/volume) she would instantly become less dense then air and start floating.
So yeah physics have left the building when soul magic is involved.
7/22 c96 DragonANGL
Thanks for the chapter, and the interesting breakdown of your take on Ruby's Semblance. Now then, the question becomes - what if Summer Rose's Semblance was a similar style of teleportation, but without a supercomputer on speed dial to record the speedster. Might Summer be in a Star Trek-esque mid-teleport buffer state, just needing help to finish her 'teleportation' process?
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