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12/8/2019 c18 4Crimson Weresloth
Dude. Dude. Dude. I understood only a second what Yang meant by Mr. Bear. God damn it.
3/13/2019 c26 Thorgrun
Another good read. Very dark but yay for happy endings lol :)
4/16/2018 c26 2Manah Scarlet Shadowsong
...I have t-to be careful what I read sometimes...the darker tones in some stories like these...well I rather not destroy my laptop in any case. I get why they are written but...still, even depicted as part of a plot I just don't understand beings that can...do these sorts of acts. this was [and the previous story of this series] were a great binge read for a late night harpy, even if I sorta regret it in the end for the themes.
4/8/2018 c2 1Wassa110
O.k. That reviewer wasn't clear enough, so sorry that I read that wrong, and went off on a rant to you about it.

4/8/2018 c1 Wassa110
Sorry, but I have to give up on your stories now. It's you, not me. I don't like high angsty/drama filled stories. You are good for people who do enjoy these genres though, but for me RWBY fanfics is mainly for happiness. We get a lot of sadness from the shows later seasons, and i'm looking for something to lift my spirits, not bend it over a well with a broom. Also from what reviews I read Ruby gets raped, and is pregnant, but won't keep the baby, and while I agree that it may bring up bad memories from time to time, I vehemently disagree to what she's doing. If she can't keep the baby give it up for adoption. The point is she had a life growing inside her, a guaranteed(mostly) human life, and she "got rid of it" never let the sins of the father/mother rest on shoulders of the son/daughter. If I read that review differently, or it was wrong, sorry.

8/21/2017 c26 Deadjr
My god that was intense. I love how well this story played out. Kind of sad that qrow didn't give pyhrra a lethal dose of lead poisoning (shot her).
Love it can't wait to see if u continue the story
4/26/2017 c26 1Nagaichi
Another awesome story. I'm starting to believe you have a hate on for Ruby... So far I love all the stuff you have posted. Thanks for writing it all to keep me entertained
2/22/2017 c2 Anonymous
Hehehehe, Eins, I get it. Clever. The story is well written so far, as was the first. Definitely going on my favourites list.
2/13/2017 c26 Guest
F is for FUCK
2/8/2017 c3 Guest
Imagining Yatsu covering Velvet and Ruby is adorable as fuck
1/5/2017 c26 King Monarch
Did she keep the baby!? THAT'S ALL I WANT TO KNOW!
10/14/2016 c26 drjacsin
I hate you so much. You're awesome. Ruby definitely shouldn't have survived though. And after all that talk about beating the shit out of people, I feel like this story is missing about five prison yard murders...
7/30/2016 c26 9Lavits Dragoon
I think you handled that ending well. I was thinking as soon as it mentioned Ruby was pregnant that, wow every time she looks at that kid shes going to be reminded of that basement. And then you explained that in the story and said she isn't keeping it. So that made sense. Sucks that Yang and Coco's wedding got interrupted though. Yeah I would really like a third story, I think you could do with a little more fluff. You have plenty of stories that are as depressing AF. And this one was not much of an exception.
7/29/2016 c15 Lavits Dragoon
How can people achieve that level of hypocrite? "This unholy thing." Yeah Raven like the unholy amount of dicks you rode throughout your life! xD that was not how I expected that talk to go, though I didn't expect it to work out with the first conversation, that was horrible. You always make your stories realistic as possible, and that's why they're great.
7/29/2016 c8 Lavits Dragoon
Every mention of the big window being open by somebody checking it, makes me think of Pyrrha in a Michael Meyers mask looking into the house like the infamous babysitter stalker he is."heavy psycho breathing intensifies." xD
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